Eating out in Pregnancy

Nov 24, 2011
Eating out in pregnancy:

· Most pregnant women love to eat out and yet are unable to do so because of a sense of guilt. There is no harm in" occasionally "eating out during in pregnancy where as the quality and hygiene of homemade food is irrefutable. Here are some basic tips for eating out during pregnancy.

· Keep it occasional, homemade food is the best in terms of hygiene nutrition etc, one need to always focus on eating alone cherish the thrill of dressing up, drive ambience of the place, spouse’s attention and company of friends; these are experiences that nourish our heart and mind so look beyond food.

· Get reviews always on the restaurant and be selective about the quality of the restaurant, pregnancy is not the time to experiment on our immunity and chances with sub standard places in terms of quality and hygiene.

· If you have certain food aversions choose the venue with care according to the cuisine, else stick to a multi cuisine restaurant.

· If you are very sensitive to smells and odours then sitting out in the open can help, the air conditioned places recycle air and odour.

· If you are hungry and late choose a place that serves buffet so that the further delay in serving Ala carte does not give you acidity and heart burns. Making a reservation always help, make a note of the traffic conditions and the travelling time and distance, the whole experience should not drain you out. Its an outing you wish to enjoy.

· Please be always safe with the water, do not use ice in your water because the water may be bottled and safe what guarantees you have on the source of water to the ice.

· Order food that is cooked in a process that involves cooking. Baked stuff, half cooked, raw food may not be a great idea. Anything that goes above the boiling temperature is safe just like boiled water is always safe.

· Salads whose ingredients are raw leafy vegetables should be consumed cautiously. Leafy greens require a meticulous washing cleaning process whereas outside huge volumes off greens may not go through the same steps to save time and energy.

· Take some time use pleasantries like P's and Q”s to request the captain to consider you are pregnant and make some specific instructions and changes in the dish to suit you. Make use of your privileged status.

· If you are unsure of the ingredients that go to make the dish ask the chef so that you don’t ingest something that does not suit you.

· Eat a small snack or a baby portion of your meal before you step out so the acidity heart burns and the oily spicy starters can be kept under control.

· Learn to share your dessert or strictly eat how much you feel like.

· Do not over stuff, get a doggy pack home so you can eat the dish later and not waste it. Don’t treat your body like a storage can .Finish the packed food soon; reheating stale food from outside may not be a good idea.

· Exotic foods or seasonal foods available through the year or the globe may have a lot of processing and preservatives in it. Keep your orders simple and stick to what is available around the region. Your baby is "EXOTIC" and is on the way.

· If you have scheduled a meal outside then balance with a scheduled regular simple and light meal routine throughout the day to keep your digestive system in good condition to able to appreciate the outing and the calories at check.

Bon Appétit!

Take care and enjoy eating…….


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