Effects of Krimson 35, Glycomet SR 500mg and thyronorm 50mcg tablets?

May 26, 2011
Dear Friends,

Since 6 months from my marriage, I couldnt get pregnant and consulted a gynic. It has been diagnosied that I have Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome, Harmone Imbalance and Thyroid problem. I have been prescribed the following tablets, Glycomet SR 500 mg for PCOS, Krimson 35 irregular periods and Thyronorm for Thyoid problems. I am taking these pills for nearly 2 months. Request any of you to share you personal experience on taking any of these pills. I am asked to continue the tablests for 3 more months and then to try for conceiving. Will my problem get cured and increase my chances of getting pregnant?

I am very much worried. I am also gaining weight which I suspect that it is due to taking too many tablets. Recently I met with an accident and got a hair line fracture in my left hand and additionally calcium tablets are also my intake. Will there be any side effects by taking all these combination of tablets at the same time.

Please share your inputs.
Jul 5, 2011
Hi Aruna,
There is no need to worry as these tablets will help you regulate your menses.But to stop putting weight and avoid medication in future, you have to stick to exercises and diet.Even a small percent weight decrease will help you in a long way.I have personally experienced it and hence recommend you to practice any form of physical activity in your lifestyle.

PCOS has become very common and its not a big problem to conceive if medication,diet and weight loss are taken care.Since you are newly married, you still have time to recover your menses to a regular cycle and keep yourself fit before planning to conceive.
Wishes for a healthy pregnancy soon..

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