Eliminating Split Ends


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Jul 5, 2011
The official name for split ends is Trichoptlosis but no matter what you call them, split ends are annoying and make the hair appear dull and scraggly. The cause of split ends has to do with the protective cuticle, which is stripped from the ends of the hair fibers. Although split ends can happen to all types of hair, typically you will see the most on brittle or dry hair. Other common causes can include excessive brushing, over dying, and brushing the hair while wet.

When the protective cuticle is removed, it cannot be replaced. The result is hair that is not split in two, or sometimes, three strands. Depending on how bad the split end, it can be anywhere from one-eighth to one inch long. While there are several options for treating split ends, the best one is to cut the damaged fibers off.

Many people with split ends think that they have to change their monthly trim to once a week. In fact, that is not necessary. To prevent split ends from becoming worse, you can do other things, including trimming them yourself. Now before you panic, keep in mind that women do trim their own hair all the time and no one is the wiser. Even supermodels will trim their own hair between appointments!

If you have split ends and think, you want to try to trim them yourself, simply follow these recommendations:

  • Start by taking small sections of hair and then twist them carefully going into a downward motion. What will happen is that the split ends will stick out.
  • Make sure your scissors are sharp and then snip into the twisted strands without cutting right through. The goal is to cut into the thick portion of the gathered strands so the damaged protective cuticles can be removed and the hair now has a natural, layered effect.
  • The key is not to cut randomly but to keep the amount of hair cut from each section the same
Remember that split ends can happen to people of both genders and all ages. In addition to the causes already mentioned, other things that are potential problems are using styling tools that are inferior. This means that the tools are snagging or ripping the hair, thus damaging it. Typically, this would include tools such as synthetic combs or brushes, brush rollers, and so on.

Using permanents, hair color, and relaxers or straighteners too often will also lead to split ends along with damage caused by environmental change such as extreme heat or cold and harsh winds, trying to detangle your hair improperly, washing your hair too often and with poor quality products, overuse of waxes, sprays, and gels, and actually having your hair cut with poor quality scissors.

Splits ends also come with numerous myths, which we will put to rest right here:

  • Once you have split ends, you can never get rid of them. Well, as you have seen from the information provided in this article, that is simply not true.
  • Split ends can be fixed in that the split is actually repaired. In truth, once a hair fiber is split, it is split. However, you will find some products that will glue the ends back together temporarily but it is not a permanent fix.
To ensure you avoid the dreaded split end, make sure you shampoo your hair with a quality product and use one that has Phytojoba or some other type of moisturizing formula. After conditioning your hair, make sure it is completely rinsed out of the ends. Additionally, after your hair has been rinsed with warm water, you want to do a final rinse of cool to cold water. This will help seal the protective cuticles while giving your hair a sleek shine.

For the next steps, always towel blot your hair, never rubbing rough. After blotting, apply a good leave-in conditioner to the damp hair. Great options include Sebastian’s Potion 9 or Phyto 7 or 9. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of tangles. For extra shine, rub a dime-size amount of Phytolisse or some other shine product in your hands and then apply to your hair.

Finally, to blow dry your hair, use a round brush or large paddle along with the blow dryer, making sure your hair is fully dried. The goal is to ensure the ends are dried straight since wavy or curly split ends will show up more. Then when your hair is dry, use a heat protecting spray and ceramic flat iron on just the bottom two inches of your ends. You will find after going through this process that your hair looks healthy, sleek, and the split ends vanish from sight. The only thing you need to remember is that unless the split ends are cut off, this is just a temporary solution.

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