Embryo Testing Could Improve Pregnancy Success Rate


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Jan 11, 2016
Embryo testing was not added in previous or traditional IVF procedure. That’s why high success rate of IVF failure is noticed in many infertility cases. When the case of infertility is very complicated than it is very difficult to handle the infertility problem with IVF procedure and this lead to IVF failure. But today science has progressed so much and improved the success rate of IVF so that this assisted reproductive treatment become the topmost and the most reliable treatment for infertility. Embryo testing is done in new IVF technique which consists of the following procedure:
· An embryo is made up of 100 cells.
· 2-3 cells are taken from each embryo for testing.
· Levels of mitochondrial DNA are checked which are contained in an embryo.
· If an embryo is found to have abnormal amount of mitochondrial DNA then they are not taken for implantation.
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