Emergency Treatment Tips For Miscarriage


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Jul 5, 2011
Emergency Treatment Tips For Miscarriage

First of all, it is important to understand that no amount of treatment for a miscarriage can make it stop. If the signs of miscarriage has started, then it will run its course. It would be dangerous and unhealthy to try to prevent a miscarriage at a stage when you have already started to bleed. What doctors can do is to minimize your pain and manage the complications.

The treatment for miscarriage will vary from one person to another. Every case has its own peculiarities and has to be treated accordingly. However, the standard procedure for treatment after the signs of miscarriage show up would be as follows.

Treatment For Miscarriage:
1. Many normal miscarriages need no treatment at all. You have to wait for the aborted foetus to flow out of your body as blood. Cruel as it sounds, there is nothing to do other than wait and and watch. If you are not bleeding heavily, then you need not require hospilatisation or even medication.

2. It is important to note that bleeding during pregnancy need not necessarily be a sign of miscarriage. You must see a doctor immediately to conform what it is, even if you have the slightest bleeding.

3. Sometimes, even after bleeding for days, you have an incomplete miscarriage. The foetus does not dissolve into blood completely. Keeping the dead remains of a pregnancy in your uterus can cause fatal infection. In cases of incomplete miscarriage, the only option is cutterage (the abortion method of scraping out the uterus walls) or a pill that will bring out all the blood.

4. If your miscarriage is particularly painful, then you can be prescribed painkillers and even be admitted to the hospital to be kept under observation. Same goes for cases of heavy bleeding. You will also be tested for anemia after this ordeal is over. If the bleeding is unstoppable, blood transfusion might be required.

5. Doctors advise bed rest for at least a week depending on the severity of the bleeding and the stage of pregnancy. The earlier the miscarriage occurs in your pregnancy term, the less dangerous it is for your prenatal health.

6. You would be told to abstain from having any physical relations with your partner. This is because you need total pelvic rest for a few weeks for your internal wounds to heal.

7. You will also be advised to stay off a group of medicines that are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These include painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen etc, are responsible for thinning out our blood. As a result it can lead to further bleeding.
The physical treatment for miscarriage is often simple. The emotional healing for the loss is what takes time.
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