Emotional changes during Pregnancy


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Jul 5, 2011
Emotional changes during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period in life when women experience important emotions. These emotions are not always because of surrounding atmosphere or situations; they are also because of the hormonal changes in her biological system. Basic understanding of physical and emotional changes during pregnancy helps the mother and the people around her to have a positive approach to the whole experience.

First trimester
Initial indication of pregnancy can be through missing a period and learning that the pregnancy test is positive.

Later some physical changes like fatigue, nausea, vomiting and breast tenderness might be seen. These are not necessary symptoms but are quite commonly found.
Often for no apparent reasons the lady might feel depressed, irritated or very happy. When asked reasons for her mood swings she might not be able to give specific reasons. It is commonly believed that the mood changes in pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes.

This situation can be very unsettling for the partner or people around the pregnant lady. The partner might also try to aloof themselves from the lady thinking he is the cause of the trouble. But in stead of retreating the best medicine is to give extra care and show concern towards the lady.

In certain cases even if the pregnancy is planned, there will be an element of surprise that conception has occurred. The lady might also feel uncertain about the pregnancy. In spite of the planning the lady might feel anxious about her career or life ahead. But these are just part of the mood swings that are caused due to hormonal changes.
Threat for miscarriage persists if the lady is not healthy enough. Special care should be taken and doctor’s advice should be properly ensured.

Second trimester
Second trimester is usually peacefull. Morning sickness will gradually fade and threat for miscarriage lessens. The most pleasurable experience during this trimester will be feeling the baby move. This generally occurs during the 20th week. The lady will now start enjoying having the baby and become excited about the pregnancy.
The pregnant lady will be much more energetic and happy during this time. The commonly called ‘Glow of Pregnancy’ comes during this time. Also it is time to prepare for the arrival of the baby.

Third trimester
Third trimester will instill a mix of pride and anxiety about what is to come. Special care should be taken during this time as the baby is now almost ready to see the outer world and the mother is vulnerable during this time.

Also a feeling of eagerness to end the discomforts of pregnancy will creep in. Concerns about changing nature of relationship with one’s partner and also motherhood might worry some. Anxiety regarding the impending labor pains also appears in some.

Experts say “The feelings and fears experienced during pregnancy are intense and varied. These feelings and concerns are a normal part of pregnancy. Each woman comes to terms with the changes in her own way, with the support of her partner or family”
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