end my married life husband doubts on me

Jun 17, 2015
my husband doubt on me very much. he check my call logs and mails everything i feel so much shameful. he even come to my office to check me. i heard from my friends. we had a big fight too.

is there any solutioin to tackle this or this is end my married life ..


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Sep 2, 2014
Hi friend @broken-heart ,
Trust is the foundation for any relationship, especially husband-wife. When our sincerity and honesty comes under doubt, let it be in workplace, friendship, etc., it is a big blow to our dignity (this is irrespective of age, sex, etc.) In cases, other than husband-wife relationship, it can be resolved easily as third persons can interfere.

Ok coming to our situation, this problem is common in any part of the world and the psychological reasons may be
* possessiveness
* husband might have witnessed directly or in-directly dishonest acts of other ladies
* Insecurity due to low self esteem or inferiority complex(may be you are good looking or well educated or highly earning than him). For some reason or the other, he might be thinking he is not good enough for you.
* Intimacy problem

I'm not sure how long you are married and how long this problem has been going on. If you think this problem is since the beginning of your marriage, then the cause might be premarital issue(something your husband is responsible for). If this happened after certain period of time, then something might have triggered his doubt( which maybe no fault of yours)

If you think he has low self esteem or inferiority complex, it might be easier to resolve. Motivate him and appreciate him for even small things. Even thru simple acts show him that you care for him, like small dressing suggestions for him, cooking his favorite dishes, spending every little time with him. Do not overdo, as, he may further doubt you and if he hurts you thru words and actions, you will be even more disheartened.

If there is an intimacy problem get appropriate medical/specialist help.

If you find that some other incident in his past is causing him to doubt you, analyze that situation in detail. When your husband is in good mood try to explain that situation and give your reasons why that person might have cheated and indirectly tell him, that situation is completely different from yours and you have no reason to risk your life which is gifted and precious. You may need to assure him often that you cannot risk your precious life.

Whatever methods you try, before itself set your mind, "How much ever he hurts me, I'm not going to take anything personally and will ignore everything. " Be patient(pray god to get you thru this tough period) and give him some time.

If nothing helps, he might need some counseling to change his mind set. This may not be fault of his own, something in his past, might have slowly constructed that belief.

Dear @broken-heart dont be heart broken and come to a conclusion, that this might be the end of your relationship. With little hope, patience and time, believe that your problem will be resolved. Until then, ignore his silly acts of checking your personal stuff.

Best Regards,
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Jun 25, 2014
well explaine by rathidevi. have a peaceful life.

if possible talk him to freely without anger and tension and try to know the reason. and also get solution with psychologist counselling.

he may doubts by seeing any of his friends life or neighbours life too. so be cool and make him to feel secured.

try to avoid situations that will create the problem and making him to doubt on you.

lastly, don't tell about this and discuss with all you friends and relatives, if you trust someone to the whole discuss with them and try to find solution.

all the best for your happy married life.

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