Eucalyptus Oil Therapy For A Great Body!


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Jun 8, 2011
India's most famous Nilgiri hills is known because of the “Eucalyptus" plantation. Eucalyptus also called the Nilgiris is a strong aromatic oil that has great benefits on the body. The soothing oil is absorbed quickly on skin. It is fresh, cooling and keeps away bacteria and other germs.

It is the best body massaging oil as even a drop of the oil can cure skin irritation, insect bites and blisters. The massaging oil has remarkable benefits even on health. Take a look to know more about the natural body oil.

Eucalyptus Oil & Its Body Massaging Benefits -

1. The eucalyptus oil is the best natural deodorizer and helps in healing many skin and body infection like mucous discharge, sores, vaginal and gangrene infections. It is also a best remedy when your skin is septic and is filled with pus.

2. As a natural analgesic, it relieves body and joint pain, relaxes mind and body. Even taking hot water a bath with a few drops of the essential oil can be a great aromatherapy to the body. Some even blend Lavender with eucalyptus for good results.

3. Massaging with the oil can smooth the skin, cure marks such as stretch marks etc. For back and shoulder massage use eucalyptus with vitamin E oil as it helps in easy massaging.

4. The Best After Shave – Applying a few drops of eucalyptus oil aftershave can soothe the skin as well as work like a best antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. The oil can also cure serious skin infection like candida.
5. Natural Body Care – Eucalyptus can be mixed with gram flour or multan mitti and can be used as a scrub. The non greasy oil nourishes skin, tones and polishes body making it soft and beautiful.


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Jun 10, 2012
I used this oil only for head ache and whenever feel like headache,,,

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