everyday miracle


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
everyday miracle

You are a miracle!
Your existence is a miracle of the Almighty!
What does it mean to be a miracle maker? I think that every day moments are miraculous. But there's got to be someone here to witness them or they pass by unnoticed. That somebody is YOU. You are a miracle maker. Maybe you've just forgotten your magic. Let's spend a few moments together and remember how to make a miracle.

step 1.
Breathe I know you know how, because you're here reading this. What I mean is really B-R-E-A-T-H-E. Deeply, slowly, fully and mindfully. Like you are drinking the purest water from an endless cup - let your lungs take in the sweet nectar of a deep breath, and let your thoughts go.

step 2.
Connect with your heart Open the connection with your heart through appreciation. Think of someone special, or a beautiful place in nature, and expand the feeling of gratitude. This simple act shifts your awareness to what is life affirming, and it has many benefits to your physical, mental and emotional well-being right now.

step 3.
Open your eyes Right where you are, wherever you may be while you are reading this, take a moment to take in the scene with new eyes. Create a deeper connection by noticing something beautiful, something that pleases you and silently say hello, say thank you.

step 4.
Activate your curiosity Ask some miracle making questions. If I had a magic wand what would I do with it? What is the highest good that wants to express through me? What is life calling me to be in this moment? If I could see myself through the eyes of the infinite unlimited, what would I see?

step 5.
Choose to be a miracle maker Make some declarations to the Universe. Ask for what you want, reach for what you aspire to, and be willing to receive support.

step 6.
Engage Synchronicity Imagine that the Universe is in a conspiracy for your good and you are finding the clues. Look for the signs, signals, the words of a song, a message on a billboard - let everything be a part of that which moves you forward in a wonderful way.

step 7.
Give Thanks Life is giving itself to you, through you. Say thanks. For everything.

Most of all, know that YOU are a Miracle!


Commander's of Penmai
Apr 4, 2011
You are a miracle!
Your existence is a miracle of the Almighty!

Nice words.....nice article.....

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