Everything you need to know about nutrition


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Jul 5, 2011
Everything you need to know about nutrition

Today's shops are full of 'healthy snacks' promising health and no calories are they really healthy?

Yes, we do have a variety of healthy snacks available in the market that are baked and roasted. They might be a good replacement to the oily snacks, but why opt for them when we can have peanuts, roasted chana, oatmeal porridge or even a handful of almonds.

It's very important to keep a tab on your snacks too! You cannot overindulge in them. If you are working, carry a box of bhel, boil black chana, or go to the canteen and have a daal cheela. You can also have green sprouts, a small pack of yogurt.

The point is to stay away from processed food. You can always pep up your snacks according to your choice, add chopped tomatoes, a little bit of tamarind juice, salt to taste, or even a dash of chat masala.

What is an ideal weight loss?

I think a lot of importance has been given to weight loss per se, but people should rather focus on Good health, disease free life and building up immunity. One has to start with detoxifying and nourish your system, correcting their wrong eating patterns.

When a consciences doctor tells a patient to stop medicine and all types of treatment and stick to eating right, exercise and sleep on time, the patient gets impatient, because he wants quick results, but that's not a healthy or ideal weight loss. Losing weight is easy, but keeping one self strong and healthy requires a lot of hard work. Making people understand that is the tough part.

With our mall shopping mentality, we tend to pick up anything that promises 'healthy', what according to you are the things one should see while buying health foods?

Always turn the pack and read the nutrition chart, see how many calories it contains. Make sure you compare low calorie versions with full fat options. Avoid products that have maida (white flower) in it, rather opt for whole meat flour. When shopping for dips and dressings choose a mustard base.
Also refrain from buying products that have MSG, or a lot of preservatives and sugars in it.

Look for low-fat products in the cheese and butter. Low-fat options are varied now and you'll find everything from zero fat cottage cheese to hard cheeses in low fat varieties.

Probiotic drinks have taken over the market by a storm, everyone from celebrities to gastroenterologists push patients to buy these for good bacteria, what is your take on it?

If given an option between a probiotic drink and a glass of chass/ yogurt, I will chose chass or yogurt. How can something that has been our primary source of probiotic suddenly change into something that is insufficient? In fact, I recommend that 250 ml of yogurt in a day is absolutely enough for your quota of probiotic and good bacteria. It fills you up and increases your immunity too.

What is the right way to gain weight?

See, weight gain is not a ' hog on food' drill, it comprises of identifying the problem, tackling them and then starting with weight gain measures. Ideally we start with de-worming process, the main function of worms in the gut is to 'eat and reproduce' so to stop that we start with medicines to clean your gut, once that is done one needs to start with the protein and vitamin deficiency followed by right amount of mono saturated fats.

In case of weight gain, one should opt for buffalo's milk and then slowly correct your foods habits along with regular exercise.


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Jul 26, 2012
your informative post on "everything you need to know about nutrition" is an eye opener and it has provided lot of information we need to know. thanks vijigermany

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