Exercise for Children!

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Guru's of Penmai
Aug 7, 2011
Like adults, kids need exercise. Most children need at least an hour of physical activity every day. Regular exercise helps children

Feel less stressed
Feel better about themselves
Feel more ready to learn in school
Keep a healthy weight
Build and keep healthy bones, muscles and joints
Sleep better at night

As kids spend more time watching TV, they spend less time running and playing. Parents should limit TV, video game and computer time. Parents can set a good example by being active themselves. Exercising together can be fun for everyone. Competitive sports can help kids stay fit. Walking or biking to school, dancing, bowling and yoga are some other ways for kids to get exercise.


Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day to be healthy. Lack of physical activity is contributing to a dangerous increase in childhood obesity.

Children should be given many opportunities to play, run, bike, and participate in sports, preferably on a daily basis. Exercise should be appropriate for the child's age. For example, a 6-year-old may play outside, while a 16-year-old may run at a track. Encourage your child to build strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity (for example, through running).

Children generally shouldn't be expected to exercise in the routine, formal way adults do (such as walking 3 miles every day or lifting weights). Instead, children should have activities that are:

Aerobic (such as walking to school)
Muscle strengthening (such as climbing on playground equipment)
Bone strengthening (such as running, jumping rope, or playing basketball)

Aerobic exercises, muscle strengthening exercises, and bone strengthening exercises should be included at least three times a week. Many activities combine these different types of exercise.

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