Exercise without leaving your bed


Commander's of Penmai
Apr 4, 2011
Get the day's workout (and the grogginess!) out of the way.
[h=4]Leg Lifts[/h] Turn over and lie down o. Now lift your legs and hold. This will workout our buttocks.

However, avoid this exercise if you have a spinal injury or back problem
[h=4]Upper Body LIfts[/h] Lie down flat on your body, and lift up your upper body (your torso) up. Aim for two reps of 10
[h=4]Stretches[/h] Lift your knees, and pull them close to your upper body, and hold for a few seconds.
Stretch your upper body by taking a deep breath and stretch out your hands upwards and outwards. you can also hold your hands together ,and aim for a small crunch.
For variety, alternate hand stretches - one stretching up and pulling down, and stretch to the left and right. You can also lift your knee to your chest and pull it (gently!) towards your body (and repeat for both knees)
Keep a sponge stress ball by your bedside, and give out 10 squeezes in each hand to wake up your hand's nerve endings.
When you are feeling awake, sit up in bed, spread your knees and try to touch your toes. This will add flexibility and mobility to your joints.
[h=4]Neck Rolls[/h] Gently rotate your head and neck, from left to right, and then back, using your pillow.
This is a gentle massage for the muscles in your neck and upper shoulders, and activate more blood flow to your brain
[h=4]Crunches[/h] Lie down on your stomach, sit up your legs and aim to touch your knees with your head. For beginners, a single rep of 5-10 should suffice.


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