Eye make-up in Colours!

Feb 3, 2012
Do You Know These Eye Make-up Secrets?

Doing your eye make-up cleverly is winning half the battle of having gorgeous eyes. We all know that selecting the right colors will Make your eyes look more glamorous and more flattering than usual.

Avoid the temptation of sticking with neutral black eye liners and subtle eye shadows. If you want to look glam and hot, then you must ensure that your eyes stand out. How do you do that? Well, the rule of thumb is to follow the color wheel. If you select opposite colors on the wheel, you will not go wrong. For example, if your eye color is brown, then use an eye shadow that is at the opposite side of the color wheel.

Go Green
Women with green eyes are often at a loss because if they apply any color then it looks garish. Well, the trick is to apply a sheer color and use shades such as violet, purple and lavender. Depending on your skin tone, an amethyst eye shadow might also look good with green eyes with a deep plum eye liner.

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Blue as the Sky
Most women would give the ten best years of their lives to have pretty blue eyes. Such colours look best when they are matched with eye shadows that are rich brown or muted gold or warmish copper in color. For eyeliner hues, you can select shades of chocolate and browns.

Baby Browns
If you have warm brown eyes, use powder blue or mint colored eye shadow. Teal eye shadow also looks great with some skin tones. With such eye shadows and brown eyes, you can use a deep green eye liner to make your eyes look dazzling.

Hazel Dazzle
Hazel colored eyes look glitzy when they are teamed with light blue or tan colored eye shadow. A cool green eyeliner or one that is spice colored also helps make such eyes look fashionable. Some women even use ivory colored eye shadow on the eyelids, a green one on the crease of the eyelid and light green above the crease.

Dapper in Black
If you have black eyes, then you can't go wrong with grey or silver eye shadow. Sometimes, a cobalt blue eye liner looks very striking also.

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