Eye make up tips for the season


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Eye make up tips for the season

If you're particular about getting your outfit just perfect every morning, from your head to your toes, remember makeup plays a big role in finishing your look.

One of the trickiest things to get right about your makeup is your eyes. If you're someone who loves to experiment, you don't just want to stick to the regular look. Here are some dos and don'ts chalked out by the experts to get that look right in terms of your eye shadow.

Clint Fernandes, Make up artist
- One of the many things you can do is mix the regular eye shadow with a metallic colour. If you want to use blue, mix it with gun metal. Use the brighter colour on the inside of the eye and blend it on the outside with the other, but make sure you don't merge the two colours. Also, be careful that it doesn't look stark. Some of the colours that you can try mixing are, blue and steel grey, green and brass, yellow and golden brown.

- Mix a little glitter to get a funky look. Start with a smoky eye. Then take a small hint of vaseline on a cotton swab and dab it on gently, taking care not to rub as it may remove the eye shadow. You can also use a glitter gum that is eye specific, either close to the eyelids or at the corner of the eye.

- Try to do your entire eyelid with hints of glitter.

- Make sure you play around with eyeliner or kajal when you're using an eye shadow, or your look can be incomplete.

- Using eyeliner, you can make a small pattern on your eyes (the winged look is in). You could also line your eye, layering it with varied colours of eyeliner to add a little drama. Don't overdo it.

Kapil Bhalla, Make up artist
- Most Indians make the mistake of matching their eye shadow with their eyeliner. Avoid doing that.

- The Indian skin tone is very pretty and what looks best on it is rich shades. Jewel tones are great in colours like sapphire or midnight blue. Any colour with hints of gold, silver, bronze in it.

- If you're using nude brown or trying the black smoky eyes, add a hint of colour from your outfit, it can look amazing.

- Use a different eyeliner which has gold, silver, bronze in it, or just use a glitter eyeliner.

Mallika Bhatt, Make up artist
- I don't think any Indian outfit moves away from earthy tones. But to compliment the Indian skin tone, the pallet of colours should extend to gold, bronze and copper
Apr 29, 2012
New Delhi
I personally like black smoky eyes or kohl look but if its summer than i prefer light shades such as pink or peach whch goes with the season.

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