Eyecare Instructions for people using computers


Friends's of Penmai
Mar 18, 2010
  • After every 20 to 30 minutes of work, look at a distant away object and blink several times. This will help in better focusing
  • Blink frequently. People tend to reduce blink rate while working on computer. This can lead to dry eyes. Try to blink 12 to 15 times every minute.
  • Exercise you eyes at frequent intervals. Eye exercise is simple. All you need to do is just blink several times, then close your eyes and role them in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. While doing this, inhale and exhale slowly and open your eyes slowly after doing this.
  • Rub your palms against each other till them become warm. Cover your eyes with your warm palms for about a minute. Palming is another great way to relax and soothe your eyes.


Friends's of Penmai
Apr 15, 2010
very nice tips... I suffered from eye problem due to continues use. Then i had followed eye exercise which reduced my eye pain.


Friends's of Penmai
Oct 15, 2010
Here are some Eye Exercises for computer users

You can watch our short video demonstration

The palming exercise will teach you to relax your eyes, which in turn will bring healthy energy to your eyes.

* First, rub your hands together until they feel warm (about 15 to 20 seconds). Then place your cupped hands over your closed eyes, being careful not to touch your eyes with the palms of your hands. The fingers of each hand should overlap and rest gently on the center of your forehead. Don't create any unnecessary pressure on your face. If your arms get tired, rest your elbows on a table.
* Sit quietly for one to two minutes with your hands over your eyes. The more relaxed you become, the blacker the darkness you will see with your eyes closed.

Near-far focus

This exercise improves eye flexibility:

* Hold your thumb six inches from your nose.
* Focus on your thumb.
* Take one deep breath and exhale slowly.
* Then focus on an object about 10 feet away.
* Take another deep breath and slowly exhale.
* Repeat back and forth 15 times


This exercise helps you increase the flexibility of your eyes.

* Sitting or standing at one end of a room, let your eyes scan around the edges of objects in the room - clocks, televisions, doors, lights, computers, etc.
* The object of this exercise is to keep your eyes moving in a loose and fluid way.
* Do this exercise for two minutes.
* Remember to breathe.


* Place a bowl of hot water and a bowl of cold water in front of you. The hot water should be hot but not so hot that it burns you. The cold water should be ice cold, so either put ice cubes in it or get it out of the refrigerator.
* Put a wash cloth in each bowl.
* Place the wash cloth from the bowl of hot water against your closed eyes for 30 seconds.
* Then do the same with the wash cloth from the bowl of cold water.
* Continue to alternate the hot and cold wash cloths.
* Finish by gently massaging your closed eyes with a dry towel.
* Do this for two minutes.

Head Rolls

This exercise is to relax your neck, head and face muscles and reduce shoulder tension.

* Take a deep breath and close your eyes.
* On the exhale, slowly drop your chin to your chest. Relax your neck and shoulders.
* As you inhale deeply again, slowly and gently roll your head around to the left, then back, keeping your shoulders still and relaxed.
* Make your movements slowly, carefully and deliberately.
* Now exhale full as you roll your head to the other side and down to your chest again.
* Repeat this sequence twice then change directions and repeat twice more.


Friends's of Penmai
Oct 9, 2013
Hi sis...
Useful information. ...
My pbm is sometimes i.e. nan sky parkum pothu or white wall parkum pothu some black small dots like curves maathi theriyuthu.....
Enaku enna thaa pbm nu yaarati therinjaa solunga....
I am 27...trying to conceive. ...so doctor ta poi treatment kum bayama iruku....then i loss my son....so 9 monthsaa aluthu aluthu ipdi aagito or etc.....ennanu therla....
Unga yarukaati therinjaa solunga and apdiyae home remedies solunga plz friends and sisters....

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