Facts About Teeth And Gums


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
  1. Warm and moist enviornments of the mouth help the germs to grow and damage the gums and teeth.
  2. The gum is very close to the tooth surface and during chewing the food is forced to irritate the gingiva.
  3. The tooth itself is unique,in sense once it is fully formed,it does not have repair power after injury.
  4. The germs grow in the pockets of gums and teeth if they have space between the teeth.
  5. The systemic diseases like diabetes,blood pressure and chronic diseases ahve shadows on the teeth ,gums and tongue.
  6. The nutritional deficiencies leads to the formation of ulcers which leads to grow of germs.
  7. Herediatry factors cause the teeth to have an abnormal foundation in the jaws.
  8. The contents of fluoride in water play a havoc,specially in places like india.
  9. Economical background rsults in intake of improper diet consisting of vitamic c deficiency.
  10. An injury to teeth during trauma causes indigestion of food.
  11. Self inflicted injury from the chewing of betel nuts causes hiv disease.
  12. Much guidance and literature in dentistry in unavailable and there in no dentist in the villages.
  13. Using a very rough material like charcoal to clean the teeth causes damage to teeth and gums.
  14. Generally all facilities are available but people are not willing to go to the dentist.
  15. Don't crack nuts with the help of teeth..it is better to slice than eat.
  16. Eat fibrous fruits to help the teeth get cleaned.
  17. Remove the food particles that ate wedged in between the teeth with the help of floss.
  18. Remove the ill fitting dentures,sharp edges to be smoothened.
  19. Always visit the dentist atlaest after every 6 months.
  20. Do not hide anything from physician or the dentist.

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