Facts you should know about potency test


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Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]Facts you should know about potency test[/h]
Godman Nithyananda underwent a potency test on Monday amidst doubts raised by experts who question the validity of such procedures.

Here are a few facts:
What is potency test?
It is an examination conducted to prove the sexual potency or a person. In case of a crime like rape, this is done to ascertain if the accused is physically capapble of committing it.
When the prime defence of the accused in a rape or assault case is that of being impotent, the authorities have the right to issue a warrant for a potency test.
Types of potency tests
1. Blood test:

To ensure that the person is not suffering from diabetes or kidney related disorders that may affect his potency.

2. Nocturnal penile tumescence or rigiscan moniroting:
It measures the number of spontaneous erections that occur at night. It proves that the man gets nocturnal erection during sleep as a physiological response and is thus capable of getting spontaneous erection.

3. Serum testosterone level:
Measured biochemically in a laboratory. Testosterone, the male hormone, plays a very small role in letting a men get an erection. It cannot induce artificial erection in an unaroused person.

4. Penile Doppler scan:
This test shows how much and how well blood flows in and out of the penis. It is primarily used for men with severe erectile dysfunction.

5. Visual Erection Examination:
During the visual examination, the doctor examines the penis in both states, aroused and flaccid. This is to check for any sort of dysfunction or damage. It also tests morning erection.

6. Golden standard potency test:
Rigiscan monitoring is the only test that can be considered close to a potency test. But even this does not say anything about the sexual desire, urge, inclination or libido of a person.
Is it fool proof?
Doctors say impotence is often situational and is driven by psychological factors to a great extent. So medical tests are not foolproof. A man could have normal hormones and a normal sperm count but be impotent sexually and vice-versa.
The grey areas
Tests prove that men can not perform if they are under stress or suffer from any illness or are uncomfortable with their partner. It is also true if they are homosexuals. In such cases, they may be potent but may not be able to perform a sexual act.

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