Fat doctors less likely to diagnose obesity


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Fat doctors less likely to diagnose obesity

Is your doctor fatter than you? Then, you are less likely to get a proper diagnosis of your obesity, researchers say.

A new study, published in the journal Obesity , found that overweight and obese physicians who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or more were less effective at tackling obesity as they appear reluctant to discuss the topic with patients.

However, doctors with normal body mass indexes (BMIs) talk to obese patients about weight more often, and are more likely to diagnose patients as obese, found the study.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University analysed 500 primary care physicians for their study and found that those with normal BMI talked to obese patients about losing weight 30% of the time, whereas overweight and obese physicians engaged in the discussion 18% of the time.

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