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Jan 31, 2015
hi friends,

my husband is working in an it company. he has many female collegues. i come to know from his talks that he is dropping some female collegues when he is returning home or accompanying them for office dinner and trips. i know he need to interact with his colleagues in a friendly and social way. i know these things are common now . but i can't adopt it. i dont want to be too lenient. i accept being strict also leads some risks. pls tell how to limit my husband's relationship with his female collegues. pls help.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....friend.

As you have told, these things can never be avoided in any office.

All the male and female members need to be friendly while in office.

And that too, the male members will be more friendly towards the ladies since few ladies would not be comfortable to talk with all the male members.

You should take these things easily and not worry much over these.

All the male members will not become prey to the ladies.

Dropping the friends is an usual happening and you should not suspect this.

But this should not be a regular one too.

We should not give room for others to talk ill of our character.

You should trust your husband . This trust is very much important in married life.

If your husband is suspecting you like this, in case if you are working, how would you feel? You should think that way.

But to be precautious, you can suggest the below to him. These suggestions should be told in a casual way.

Ask him to go in the Office cab or Office bus to avoid the extra expenditure, and that he could get some rest while travelling. He could also sleep while travelling. This could relieve him from the tension of driving & works.

And casually tell him that he needs to be very careful in moving with the ladies, because few ladies may take advantage (with the help of technology development) and put your husband in trouble.

There are some ladies who may complaint unnecessarily about the male members who need to give Appraisal to them , if the ladies are not given proper rating.

On the other hand, if he is always along with certain ladies and if they are given good rating in their Appraisal, then all the other office members may spoil your husband's character.

These things are very common in IT companies (also in many other companies).

So, the male members should be very careful in moving with the female colleagues.

You can tell these as if you had read it in some magazine.

The below link may also be of help to you. Please click it.

Tips to have a good relation / understanding with your husband



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Jun 25, 2014
hi pa ithellam ippa irukka pala company la sagajam than. unga husband mela ungaluku nambikkai irukku thana. ithai karanama vechu avarai santheka padara mathiri ethuvum pesatheenga. appadi ethuvum pannina athuve avara thirumba antha mathiri seiya vaikkalam. jayanthy good suggestions solli irukkanga. athai follow panna muyarchi pannunga. mudincha alavu ungalukkana time neenga avarkitta irunthu eduthukalam. so office colleagues kooda athika neram irukarathu pola irukkathu.

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