fenugreek seeds


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Aug 22, 2012
A common spice in Indian households, fenugreek seeds have both culinary and medicinal value. Traditionally, these small, roughly angular, brown seeds were given to mothers — post childbirth — to stimulate breast milk production. Rich in minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and dietary fiber, fenugreek seeds have a bitter yet pleasing flavour and pungent aroma.

Health benefits of fenugreek seeds:

Diabetes management: Studies show that regular intake of fenugreek seeds can keep blood sugar levels under check. These seeds are rich in dietary fiber, a major contributor to lower glucose levels. This is especially beneficial to non-insulin dependent diabetics.

Lactation: Fenugreek is an herbal galactagogue (a substance that boosts milk production). For centuries in India, fenugreek seeds have been given to lactating mothers to increase breast milk production.

Healthy heart: Regular consumption of fenugreek seeds helps lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides (fat found in the blood). Since fenugreek seeds keep cholesterol and diabetes under check, it helps lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Anti-viral properties: Fenugreek seeds can help stave off viruses that cause colds and sore throat. It also helps alleviate symptoms of both.

Anti-oxidant properties: Fenugreek seeds are loaded with antioxidants that help fight free radicals, thus protecting cells from damage. This can even help check cancer.

Alleviates PMS and menopause symptoms: Fenugreek is claimed to help lessen the effect of hot flashes and mood fluctuations, common symptoms of menopause and PMS. Intake of fenugreek seeds also help regularize menstruation cycles.

Aids digestion: Add a handful of sprouted fenugreek to yoghurt to treat diarrhea, gas and flatulence.

Skin and hair: A paste made of ground fenugreek and water is a common home remedy to treat pimples, burns and even eczema. Mixing fenugreek paste in coconut oil or applying as it is makes for an excellent conditioner for your hair and scalp.


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Usha, you have given complete health benefits of fenugreek seeds. thanks

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