fight between me and my hubby

Feb 10, 2015
hello all. i am married for 5 months. its an arranged marriage. we had big fight on saturday. he is not talking with me after that. he is not taking food in home. the reason for the fight is his phone talks with girls. i am very possessive about my husband. i don't like him to talk with other girls. i told him many times that i don't like it. but he consoles me. he repeat the same again. so only i fought with him. he scolded me and not talking with me after that. who is wrong in this matter? don't i have rights to ask him?[/FONT]


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai.....Kiruba.

Please do not worry.

If he is talking to girls means, with whom he is talking?

If he is talking with his Office colleagues, then you may not suspect him.

He might be talking about the office matters.

Or if he is talking with his friends, you could have heard his talks, since he is talking in front of you only.

You should have trust in him.

Generally, men who have wrong thoughts or does any wrong deeds, will not do them in front of their wife or any other family members.

So, if your husband is talking only in front of you, he may not talk to them in an embarrassing manner.

Only due to this, you can be little sure about his genuineness.

And if you always shout at him or restrict him to talk with girls, hereafter, he will not talk in front of you but he may continue to talk with them from somewhere else .

So, hereafter, just don't fight with him for this reason. Atleast you can be sure about his talks and the way he talks with them, when he is talking at home.

Now , immediately you can say sorry to him and start talking to him even if he is not initiating to talk.

Tell him that you will eat, if only he is eating at home.

You can engage him with your talks , going out with him, playing with him, watch the same program in TV, which he watches and do few more things which he also likes.

Talk about your future plans. Talk about his office friends, his childhood, his relatives, politics, games and lot more things.

But never bore him.

Thus he will not have any more leisure time to talk with those friends.

Then, little by little, not immediately, tell him that being very very close to ladies may end up in few problems and that he should maintain a distance with all the ladies except his mother, wife and daughter.

Tell him that even his office colleagues may take any advantage with him with the advanced technologies. These may land him in any trouble in future.

If he still continues, then you can ask him softly, whether , how would he feel, if you are talking to any male members.

The below link may also help you. please click it.
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Jun 25, 2014
hi kiruba neenga sandai podarathala prachanai than athikamagum. please ini sandai podatheenga. first ungalai neengale control pannikkonga kobam varum pothu. husband mela posessive aaka irukkalam. aana doubt vara koodathu. unga kanavar ungakitta olichu marainchu ethavathu pesarara. appaidi illainna neenga kavalaiye pada vendam. jayanthy sonnathu pola ungaluku theriyak koodatha visyamna avar unga munnadi kandippa pesa mattar.

neenga husband phone la pesum pothu sila time enna pesarangannu note panni iruppeenga illa. athu ethuvum thappa pesuna mathiri ungaluku thonutha enna. at times colleagues and friends kitta pesum pothu konjam kindalum keliyum kalanthu than pesuvanga. athai ellam neenga thappa eduthukaatheenga. neenga unga friends kitta phone la pesum pothu apadi pesarathu illaiya.

suppose unga husband neenga nadanthukitta mathiri avar ungakitta nadanthukitta ungalukum kastama thane irukum. nammalaiyo suspect panrangalonu. so konjam kavanama irunga.

kalyanamaki konjam masam than aagarathunala intha problem ellam sagajam than. neenga first avaraiyum avar ungalaiyum nalla purinchukitta than intha mathiri prachanai ellam avoid panna mudiyum. athuku mukkiyamanathu. unga kanavarai neenga trust pannunga. all problems will be solved.

appuram ithu pola ponnungakita pesaranga appadinnu chumma chumma avarai thittaratho sandai podarathaiyo avoid panna parunga. summa sandai pottutu iruntha avaruku ungala pidikkama poidalam.

first intha prachanaikku avarkitta sorry kelunga. verum sorry soldrathula ithu sari aagidathu. avar rombave hurt aagi irukkalam. athanala ungaloda pesama irukkalam. avar pakkara use pandra edathula ellam sorry note eluthi vaiyunga. ungaloda egovai vittutu thayakkapadama sorry kelunga. ini ippadi nadakkathunnu avaruku assurance kodunga. athu mattumilama athupadi nadanthukka parung.a

athuku appuram jayanthy koduthu irukkara tips follow pannunga. ungalukula nalla friendship vanthidum. purithal vanthidum. appuram ungaluku ithu periya visyama illama poidalam illa ungalukaka unga husband ithai avoid panna muyarchi pannalam.

veetla ungaluku niraiya free time iruntha, thaniya irukkum pothu kandathaiyum yoshikka thonum. so ungalai neengale konjam busy ya vechuka parunga. free time la books padikkalam. illa ethavathu class pogalam. ungaluku craft making la interest irunthalum athaiyum pannalam. so thevaiyillatha ennangal ungalukulla varathu. mind peaceful ah irukum.


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Jul 26, 2012
Hi Kiruba, welcome to! Have confidence with your husband. Just talking to other girls should not hurt you! Don't be possessive! All the best! thank you!

priya ravi

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Jun 13, 2011
Kuala lumpur

just write down how u would feel when the situation is the other way -

" My husband is very possessive about me. He doesnt like me talking with other guys be it friends or neighbours. He lists down whom i should talk to and whom i shoudln't.. I also tell him for time being that i would stop, but i couldnt stop, bcoz i cannot shut myself when they ask any help/questions/details. He tells he has every right to question me"

Read what u wrote and now u will know what would have been running in his mind. Solution to this problem is there in what u wrote.. Good luck


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Jul 16, 2011
யாருபக்கம் தப்புன்னு ரொம்ப யோசிக்காம ஈகோ இல்லாம சாரி கேட்டுட்டு வீட்டுல சாப்ட சொல்லுங்க...கல்யாணம் ஆகி 5 மாதம்தானே ஆச்சி... கவனிச்சிக்கலாம் விட்டு பிடிங்க ஆள...முதல் கோணல் முற்றிலும் கொனலாகிடபோகுது...

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