Find out if your man is into you


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Find out if your man is into you

They say, in love actions speak louder than words. Body language (which comprises gestures, facial expressions, body movements) communicate a lot.

And when in love, unconscious body language becomes a major indicator. So, it is important that you take the cue from a person's body language so you don't miss the chance. Because, non-verbal signs are just ways to communicate how ready a person is to increase proximity with a person. Here are some pointers to help you realise that he's probably wanting to get to know you better:

1. Check out for the eyes.
If there is a change in pupil size, there's a chance he has feelings for you. Pupil dilation does indicate attraction. Even relaxing the eye muscles is another sign, so is gazing at someone, like holding a gaze for more than about three seconds. If someone makes eye contact and then looks down for a couple of seconds before retrieving his gaze, he may have feelings towards you.

2. Notice if there's any change in facial expressions.
Check for fleeting smiles or eyebrow flashes; these indicate that the person wants to build a rapport with you.

3. Where the person looks also makes a difference. It is said, if a man looks at a woman's lips, he might express desire to kiss her.

4. Touching ones arm or brushing ones shoulder to you while communicating or talking is another sign of attraction.

5. If the person preens while talking to you, it means he is conscious of how he looks when he is standing next to you. Constant touching of the hair and clothes is an indication.

6. Body posture is also a sign. If someone leans towards you while talking to you it means they are attracted to you. Also, if they point their feet towards you while sitting, they may do so because they are interested in you.

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