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Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
We exercise for results, but why do some of us show absolutely no results when it comes to weight loss?

Recall your daily routine and habits; this can hint at why you are not losing weight. Nod if you agree with the following reasons.

How much do you love your wheels?
Most of us make this mistake! Out of sheer laziness we rather take our private vehicle than walk down the road. Instead of walking for five to ten minutes, we are tempted to hitch a ride.

Rickshaws, cabs, two wheelers and four only increase our weight without us catching on to what's really at play. Trust your legs and walk a little more, at least for short distances.

Are you stressing too much about weight issues?
In today's world, everyone wants to look perfect. This can either break or encourage you to shed the weight. But if we lack patience and commitment, we are delving into depression.

If size is an immediate issue and you're disappointed that you can't shop at Mango, Levis, Zara and Tommy Hilfiger, don't fret. Remember that this can be a point to turn back your life and make the required changes. Choose long term health benefits over short term gains.

What are the triggers that make you eat unhealthy?
No one likes to be depressed; some people go for long drives when they are depressed while others eat. And the favourite choice is potato chips and farsan.

Triggers to unhealthy eating can be lethal to any resolution to start eating right. Binging on unhealthy food sets the ball rolling for health problems.

Psst: Feeling depressed or distracted? Get a punching bag, exercise! Better still? Find a group of people to exercise with.

Do you think that being a 'foodie' means that you can eat unlimited food?
Foodies love to try out different kinds of food, but there some that indulge a bit too much. That's when one can try out ways to eat less; a few secrets that will assure you limited intake.

Are you able to practise self control and discipline?
Martial arts, the age-old practise of kicking ass, calls for tremendous discipline and perseverence. So do other exercise, sports and defense arts. Do you sense the trend? Discipline, commitment and concentration on your goals can help you stay ship-shape. Could this be Sonam Kapoor's fitness mantra?

Do you get enough sleep?
Yes, adequate sleep is extremely important to weight loss. It is true that you can lose a small amount of weight if you sleep sufficiently. Wonder if Sleeping Beauty was thin as a fiddle? But tides turn with lack of sleep.

Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain. You are hungry for carbs and high calorie food.

What kinds of foods do you depend on for satiety?
Chips, fried food, and pastries, you just can't say no to them especially when you are hungry. Plus these are the most easily procured and definitely easier than preparing a sandwich. But this is where one cuts the umbilical cord to these unhealthy food choices.

Replace this habit and your mindset with mind control. Stay ahead of your mind.

Are you aware about what food requirements your body has?
Most people are ignorant about food and its requirements and how to cook it to preserve the nutrients. The internet is a plethora of topics and discussions, it is up to us to read up, ask questions and make the right choices. If you learn the food requirements and its relevant nutrients, it can work in your favour.

But let's not sit 'wired' to wi fi every time we step in a restaurant counting every calorie. Focus on your body's nutritional requirements and know that whatever you eat outside these requirements is an indulgence, which needs to be controlled.
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