Five Refreshing Ways To Start Your Day!

deepa bala

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Aug 7, 2011

Every morning is important for all of us and it is essential to start the day in a relaxed way to sail through the day smoothly. Here, are few ways to help you wake up refreshed everyday.

  • Wake Up To Soothing Sounds: Set your daily alarm 15-20 minutes early so that you have sufficient lead-time to snooze and actually rise from the bed. See if you can wake up to soothing music than to a rigging alarm to wake up naturally. The traditional alarm can shoot up your blood pressure and can even give you headache. There are several innovative alarm clocks in the market that come with natural sounds and music. Worth giving it a try!

  • Stretch Your Body: Give your body a nice stretch to activate your muscles and the mood for the day. This is why you find young children and animals fresh and active, the moment they wake up. Stretching keeps the muscles and joints flexible, improves blood circulation and releases stress and tension from the body. Hold the stretches for about thirty seconds for complete relaxation.

  • Quiet Time: Jumping out of the bed immediately after you wake up to get ready or fix a breakfast will tense your body. Give your body some time to prepare itself to tackle the fast pace of the day. Go to an open space in the morning and spare at least five to ten minutes to soak in the goodness of nature around you. You may use this time to ponder and focus on your thoughts of the day. Thinking or reading something positive in the morning works like a charm. Cloud your mind with happy, peaceful and calm thoughts.

  • Exercise: Recharge your body with twenty to thirty minutes of exercise, deep breathing to fill your body with energy and vitality. Your body becomes light and flexible and is ready to address the rest of the day with super ease.

  • Drink Water: Your body is deprived of water when you were asleep. Keep it hydrated with a glass of warm or plain water. It revs up your metabolism and flushes out the toxins to keep your energy levels high for the day.
Apr 10, 2013
Well, I thought it would be boring as everybody talks about the same. But thanks deepa your style was so inspiring. I simply loved it.
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