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Apr 11, 2011
Hi friends,

I need some suggestions for food ideas to feed my 1 yr old baby. he is eating only semi solids. how should i train him to eat solid foods?



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Sep 19, 2012
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ஹலோ யு.எஸ்.ஏ ஓவி விஜய் அம்மையார்,
சற்று நேரம் பொறுங்கோ, நமது நண்பர்கள் தங்களுக்கு பதிலுரை அளிப்பார்கள்.

Hello USA Ovi Vijay Ammaiyaar,
Pl wait, our friends will give suitable reply 4 u.



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Dec 2, 2011
Hi Oviya,

Parasakthi has given the suitable link for your query.

From 6 months onwards, you need to start with the solid foods. Only then, the child will grow healthy.

Since , now your baby is one year old, he has to be given all the foods, which you people eat.

They should be given as it is. It should not be mashed or given as semi solids. This is to strengthen his teeth and digestive power.

If you still give him as semi solid, his stomach will not accept all solids. Little by little, you introduce all the products which you eat, including non-veg.

Eggs are very healthy.

Initially, he may be stubborn to eat them. He may vomit them. Don't give up.

Tell him, only if he is eating like you people, he will also grow well as his father. Otherwise, he will be lean and weak. If he eats well, he can become healthy as the healthy cartoon characters which he would like to watch.

In this way, you should encourage him.

Many mothers, would mash the rice in the mixie and give the child. This is not a good practice. He should eat the rice and other food items as we eat.

He should be given, raw carrot, raw cucumber , raw radish, which will strengthen his teeth.

Apart from these, I have given all the details in the link, which Parasakthi has given. Hope this would be helpful for you.


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Jul 26, 2012
By the time my daughter was over one year old, she had been

eating solid food for quite a while, so she was ready and

interested in what we were eating.

Obviously, the food needs to be cut into tiny pieces to avoid

choking, and it always helps to give her food she can pick up and

feed herself as well.

At that age, the children are starting to want to be a bit

independent, and they like to "do it myself!"

My daughter did eat anything--any kind of vegetable, as long

as I mixed it with rice.

I make a lot of vegetable dishes, so she ate those and got a

lot of good vegetables she didn’t even realize because

vegetables are mixed up in the rice.

Here are some things that worked for us:

For breakfast, banana slices, yogurt. I still used some of the

oatmeal or rice-type cereals with fruit or applesauce for a

while. Any fresh fruit that is cut small, even cut grapes in half.

For lunch: Plain whole-wheat noodles are also a good idea. Cut-

up fruit, even small grape tomatoes (cut in half), and I used to

also steam broccoli and carrots and let my daughter pick those

up and eat them.

As far as dinner, I would attempt to get her used to eating

what we are eating, in small quantities, letting them try

different tastes. It is very easy to fall into the habit of

feeding younger kids different things than the rest of the

family, and I think that actually helps them to stay picky as

they grow up. My doctor always told me to give them lots of

choices, and remember that what looks like a tiny bit to us, is

quite a bit more to a little tummy, and also don’t look at what

they eat in one day, but look at what variety they eat over the

course of a couple of days.

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