food menu for 7 month old baby

Jul 13, 2012
I am seeing this community as very much user friendly many of you answering well. i had seen some questions here. here is another question.

my baby is 7 month old. what are all the foods i can give her. she is very adamant in eating . i getting very much tired while feeding her foods .

presently i am giving here milk, fruit juices, paruppu saatham and idli. sometimes she is eating well, but many times she is not opening her mouth itself.

what to do? how can i make her to eat well.

deepa bala

Guru's of Penmai
Aug 7, 2011
Hi Jaya... Its usual with babies da.. They are not going to eat easily and we are not going to leave them easily:)

Its always better to give mashed fruits rather than juice. Boil apple, mash it and give.

Potato is very good for babies. Boil , mash well and give. Babies also like the taste of potatoes.

In the same way give carrots.

Hope you are including ghee with paruppu sadham. You can also add ghee along with idli.

after 8 months, try giving other fruits like chikku, banana. They are not going to eat fully.. Just slowly introduce the taste.

I think now you can start giving Raagi porridge. Its very healthy.

What about cerelac? Still not strated?

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