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Jul 5, 2011
Foods that help in Weight Gain While the entire world seems obsessed about losing weight, many people are stuck with the exact, opposite problem, i.e. they just cannot put on the bare minimum amount of flesh. These are people who are inherently skinny and tend to lose weight as soon as they get off their high-calorie schedule or exercise regimen. While being slim is regarded fashionable, being bony or looking emaciated is seldom recommended, particularly for guys. The following are some of the best foods that help to gain weight without raising the fat or cholesterol levels dangerously:

Walnuts & Other Dried Fruits

While the nutrition quotient of nuts is largely understood, walnuts are often regarded as the poor cousin of almonds. However, walnuts have emerged as the super food choice for those who struggle to gain weight. Walnuts can be consumed at any time of the day. They can be added to a bowl of cornflakes, sandwiches, sprinkled over milk shakes or eaten raw. Walnuts have a heavy concentration of monounsaturated fats—these are among the healthiest types of fats found in food resources. Walnuts also contain phytosterols and critical amino acids like arginine. Both these compound are required to gain and sustain lean muscle mass. Walnuts are among the very few natural resources of nitric oxide—this substance is vital for stimulating muscle growth and recovery. If you are into gymming for gaining bulk, avoiding walnuts is equivalent to committing a sin. Gorging on walnuts won’t hurt you since the nutrient mix found in them helps to prevent heart diseases. Dried Fruit contains a dense serving of calories. This includes raisins that are easy to snack upon. Cashews and Pistachios too can be added for the sake of creating a different blend of flavors.

Fruit Juices Rich in Vitamin C & Natural Sugars

Fruit Juices are recommended over fresh fruits for gaining bulk since they provide less fiber and more of sugar & nutrient-rich mix. A single serving of fruit juice ensures that you have consumed the most calorie-rich part of about 3-4 pieces of fruit. The utility of nitric oxide to gain bulk has been explained above. For Nitric oxide to help support a spurt in muscle gains, vitamin C should be present in high concentration. The most natural form of Vitamin C is found in oranges and guavas. You also need juices that are loaded with natural sugars. These typed of fruit or plant sugars don’t create the risk of developing lifestyle diseases due to high sugar intake. Instead, they help you gain body mass. The most recommended of fruit juices in this niche includes pomegranate, pineapple and carrot juices.

Heavy Fruits for Desserts

Some fruits are typically not recommended to those trying to lose weight. This includes chikoo/chiku, bananas and mangoes. These fruits contain an extremely high concentration of complex carbohydrates. The excess of calories found in such fruits can be best utilized post dinner or lunch, i.e. as a sweet dish. Just add a few dips of whipped cream to a bowl full of these fruits. Eating fruits after a proper meal is considered an easier way to gain weight.

Healthy Oils

Hard gainers are folks who struggle to gain body mass. Such people need more than the average serving of healthy fats. If you are a hard gainer, you need to increase your intake of both, poly and monounsaturated fats. This includes olive oil in particular, apart from sesame oil. These oils don’t contain too much of cholesterol so your cardiac health is not risked. Canola and sunflower oils are also considered good, weight-gaining and safe choices. You can add such healthy oils to your rotis, dals, rice, salads and highly-absorbent snacks like mashed potatoes.

High Calorie Options in Daily Foods

Try to eat more of calorie-rich vegetables. This includes peas, yams and potatoes.Carbohydrates sources used for daily eating purposes should be smartly chosen. Opt for rice, oatmeal and kidney beans among legumes. Ensure that you eat some form of carbohydrate-rich food, every two hours. This is necessary to ensure that your body isn't pushed towards using too much of the stored glucose.

The emphasis should be on Eating More & Eating Healthier to gain weight rather than depending too much upon supplements or energy bars/drinks.

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