Foods that keep you hydrated


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Foods that keep you hydrated

Listed are some of the food items that keep you hydrated if you are not much of a (water) drinker

We all know that our body is 70 per cent water. We need to keep ourselves hydrated in order to keep our body functioning properly. There are mostly three types of food categories: fresh juicy fruits, green leafy vegetables and water based soups.

There are a variety of fruits that you can choose from if you do not drink water that much. The best pick is a watermelon which has the maximum water content in it. Fresh fruits will give you the needed hydration to feel better and be healthier. Some more examples are: apples, kiwi, grapefruit, coconut, strawberries, and any type of berries.

The second food group is vegetables. The green fresh vegetables provide nutrients that help the body to stay hydrated and not get too heavy with other foods. It is better to eat the vegetables raw. Cooking them will take out the natural moisture and hydration.

The third category is soup or a broth. They can give you some liquid that your body needs and will therefore hydrate you. A good soup to try is a vegetable chicken soup. If you don't like chicken, get vegetable soup.

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