Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy!

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Aug 7, 2011

A baby is every woman’s dream which completes her life. The health and strength of the baby is of the utmost importance. A pregnant woman needs around 300 calories more than a routine before pregnancy. The nutrient’s for the unborn baby is through what the mother eats. So thus there are few restrictions regarding the eating habits for a healthy and fit child. Fruits and vegetables, iron, proteins, folic acid, calcium and lots of water are must for a woman and her growing child. It is true that a woman feels the vigor and need to taste different varieties and try various foods even during 2 am at night and it is not a problem unless your husband can wake up and get you what you order for. But there are set of seven fruits a women should avoid during pregnancy listed below;

1.Green or unripe papaya;
A papaya contains vitamins and nutrients. It is the source of vitamin A and b- carotene which are used for the feto-maternal growth. But an unripe or a semi ripe papaya is restricted for pregnant women as it contains an enzyme called latex. This latex leads to uterine contractions and further to miscarriage or still birth. An unripe papaya acts like the enzymes oxytocin or prostaglandins which are the initializes for the body labor. Papaya though ripe or unripe has abortifacient and teratogenic effects. It is to be noted that a ripe fruit helps against constipation and heat burn.

2. Catapple;
It is good to avoid cat apples, green apples during pregnancy. It excites the uterus and might lead to miscarriage. It is also found by researchers that apple cats which are sour, sweet or bitter lead to premature delivery. Unpasteurized apple juice or apple cider juice is restricted.

3. Pineapple;
Pineapple is a tasty fruit with numerous vitamins and minerals. It contains bromelain enzyme which contracts uterine and also might cause allergic problems. It is said by researchers to avoid this fruit during the first three months of pregnancy.

4. Fish;
Raw or uncooked fish dishes should be avoided. Uncooked dishes of even oysters, clams and mussels should be kept away from pregnant woman. These substances once cooked might kills the toxins in them but the natural toxins they would liberate cannot be halted.

Peach is said to increase the temperature of the body due to which over bleeding might happen. The hairy peel on the fruit irritates the stomach and the throat.

Peanuts cause allergic diseases to the fetus. Long term use during pregnancy might also cause allergic diseases for the child during childhood.

7.Ginger or chilli;
Ginger and chill are the spices which are every day used in Indian foods. The gingerol enzyme in ginger leads to blood clot consequently long term use of ginger for women is avoided. It is believed that it might also lead to constipation.

These nine pregnant months are those days where a mother should be healthy enough for a healthy child. Avocados, Broccoli, carrots, DHA eggs, mangos, lentils, yogurt, and spinach are few of the nutritional overachievers which need to be added in the daily meal


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Jul 26, 2012
Thank you deepa for providing the details of food items to be avoided during pregnancy.

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