Foods to Avoid


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Jul 5, 2011
Foods to Avoid:
If you are trying to lose weight, you should limit on fat and sodium intake. You should not eat the following foods.
Red meats, oils (all kinds high in saturated fats, and margarine), salad dressings with oil, full fat dairy products, alcohol, brownies, all type of sugar, and any food with more than 2 gram of fat per serving.

  1. Alcohol increases your weight. A daily dose of 12 oz beer can (146 calories) can increase your weight by 1.2 pounds in just 4 weeks if you don't do any exercise!
  2. Avoid meat as these are loaded with saturated fats. For example, a 3 oz beef contains over 300 calories and 80 mg of cholesterol. Bologna gives calories mostly from fat, as high as 80%. Fat in meat & fish
  3. Keep away from cakes. A 3 oz piece of a pound cake gives you over 360 calories, of which more than 50% comes from fat! Even a fat-free pound cake of the same weight gives you 240 calories! Chocolate cakes are not far behind. Cholesterol in cakes
  4. Do you like chocolate and milk bars? Note that a 1.5 oz Kit Kat bar contains 226 calories, of which 49% comes from fat.
  5. Fast food lovers note: McDonald's Big Mac, 7.6 oz contains 590 calories (52% from fat) and 1090 mg sodium. Chicken breast, 3 oz battered, fried, with skin contains 220 calories (47% from fat).
    French fires: A regular serving of French fries gives you 237 calories (46% from fat).
Hot Dogs & Sausage: Hot dogs are as bad as bologna. Most of their calories come from fat, as high as 82%. Vegetarian sausage are far better as they contain much less fat.
Potato Chips: They are the worst as they contain too much fat and too much salt. 10 chips gives you over 100 calories, of which 55 calories come from fat. Instead, try pretzels (remove salt) and air-popped popcorn. Avoid high sodium foods.
Donuts: An average size glazed donut gives you 242 calories; half of this goes to your waistline.

  1. Eggs: One fully boiled, large egg gives you 79 calories and 216 mg cholesterol. Cholesterol in eggs
  2. Ice Creams: Some of the ice creams are not recommended. For example, 1 scoop of Vanilla ice cream, premium (Baskin-Robbins), gives you 250 calories, of which 150 calories comes from fat. Try the mango ice cream instead.
  3. Nuts: Though a handful of nuts are recommended, too much is not good for weight loss. For example, a handful dried macadamia contains 235 calories, 88% of this comes from fat. Nuts Nutrition
  4. Pies: Some of the pies are loaded with fat. For example, a Pecan pie contains more than 500 calories of which over 45% comes from fat.

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