For nappy change, baby to email mom


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
For nappy change, baby to email mom

Imagine your newborn baby emailing or texting you asking for a nappy change. Your imagination is now a reality, thanks to scientists who've developed a device which can give today's busy parents an extra peace of mind.

The monitoring system, built into an infant babygro, can send emails or text messages to parents to inform them that a nappy change might be needed, say its developers.

The device can also detect a baby's heart rate, temperature and whether their breathing patterns have changed - and can be programmed to let you know if your child is happy, grumpy or upset. In fact, the system works by detecting moisture on the baby's skin, which indicates that the nappy has begun to leak, the Daily Mail reported.

A special thread woven into the fabric senses electrical signals on the skin. When the skin becomes moist, the signal becomes stro

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