From fat to fit with a health diary


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Jul 5, 2011
From fat to fit with a health diary

Maintaining a 'health diary' and keeping a tab on the eating habits, has helped many loose weight. Fitness

How it works
It's simple! When you write every minute detail of what's going into your stomach (unhealthy and the healthy) and how much you have been working out, you will get to know when you fall pray to the temptation and when you get lazy and skip the exercise routine. When you perform well, it will act as a
motivating factor.

Things you should write in your diary
1. List of healthy and unhealthy food items
2. Importance of different food items
3. A food pyramid according to your needs (loose weight, gain weight, or maintain it).
4. The routine you plan to follow- the food you will eat, the exercise pattern and how much water you will drink etc.
5. A page on seasonal diet as your eating pattern should change according to the seasons.

After you are done with the preliminary work, start working on the main diary. Here you have to note down you initial weight, and target to be achieved by the end of a particular week.

What next
Analyse your schedule and keep making changes as per your body requirements. Each week set a new target and you will definitely see the positive change in your body.

I'm too lazy to write!
If you find it tedious to write, then there are many websites that have an online diary. This health diary also calculates your calorie intake and analyses how healthy your routine is for you.

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