Fun aerobic sessions for beginners


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Jul 5, 2011
Fun aerobic sessions for beginners

Aerobic workouts are an excellent way to clock some cardio-respiratory fitness training time every day.

Additionally, beginners have their choice of many fun workouts that are interesting and challenging while being safe. In fun aerobic workouts, you might socialize, explore natural wonders or try different physical challenges. You can do these individually and with a partner, working out and having fun with it will keep you motivated and also healthy.


Raise your heart rate and explore the outdoors by starting a walking workout routine. If you keep the pace brisk or cover some hilly terrain, you raise your heart rate. Healthy adults should elevate their heart rate for a minimum of 150 minutes per week. Walking half an hour five days per week satisfies this requirement. Mix up your routes and walking styles to make this aerobic workout more fun. Pick up the pace to a race walk, or combine your walk with jogging or a sprint. Join a hiking group and explore nature trails. Walk through fun urban neighborhoods, do laps around the park or exercise on a treadmill set at a grade.

Outdoor adventures

Community and surrounding nature areas serve as a resource for many fun workouts. Pack a backpack with trail mix and water and explore a forest or meadow. Skip the lap swimming and take a dip in a swimming hole or the ocean. Meet friends at a neighborhood park and tackle the par course or create an obstacle course using the playground equipment.


Riding your bicycle with your partner is a fun exercise that also promotes weight loss. A longitudinal study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health found that riding a bicycle for as little as five minutes a day can help prevent weight gain in middle aged women. Ride your bikes around your town or take your bikes to a state park to explore wildlife and rugged terrain.


Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual practice that promotes balance and flexibility. Yoga improves physical and mental health, and is a great exercise to do with your boyfriend. The practice of yoga can reduce stress, improve strength, and reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Yoga can be done at home, or you and your partner can participate in a class to keep each other motivated.


Dancing is a full-body workout that helps tone your entire body. Dancing regularly helps to prevent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression. One such dance class, Zumba, is growing in popularity for putting Latin dance moves to music. Zumba is a fun workout that burns many calories in an hourlong class. There are other choices you have as well, like belly dancing and salsa.
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