Gadgets: 7 health hazards


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Jul 5, 2011
Gadgets: 7 health hazards

Today's generation is identified by the gadget it uses, from tablets and smartphones to ultrabooks and digital cameras. Indeed these gadgets make their lives more convenient, but one must not forget that this comfort comes at a price.

For all the gadgets at their disposal today, users cannot run from the health hazards they bring to themselves. Take a look a 7 health hazards caused by using gadgets heavily.
[h=1]Texters’ neck[/h]Texters' Neck is a syndrome associated with mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Those who engage in the texting or simply reading while hunched over laptops easily strain their neck and chiropractors say that the pain can be severe. Moreover, the blood circulation is affected, which can lead to tennis elbow, when the exterior region of the elbow becomes sore.

Doctors in India say that they see 30-40 patients suffering from texters' neck, mostly youngsters.
[h=1]Back pain[/h]Those who hunch over laptops while working are prone to back pain due to bad posture. Incorrect posture directly affects the shape of the spine and causes pain in the muscles of the back and the shoulders.

According to experts, 80% laptop users face the risk of nerve damage due to poor posture. Slouching on the chair while using the laptop carries the same risk as it causes dowager's hump or the curving of the upper back.
[h=1]Texters’ thumb[/h]Widely known as Texters' Thumb, carpal tunnel is caused by heavy texting. It results shooting pain, burning sensation as well as numbness in the hands. The strength in the hands of the patients also decreases and they find difficulty in maintaining a grip on everyday objects.

Corrective measures include wearing braces on the hands, which can be quite embarrassing for any youngster, who are mostly afflicted with Texters' Thumb.
[h=1]Radiation risks[/h]Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is part and parcel of any electronic device, with mobile phone radiation and mobile phone towers being the most under the public's eye. EMR is associated with brain tumours, childhood leukemia and genetic damage under long term exposure, say studies.
[h=1]Phantom vibration syndrome[/h]Linked to anxiety, phantom vibration is the false feeling of thinking that a phone or any other gadget for that matter is ringing, though it is not. Associated problems include ringxiety (sense that phone is ringing) and fauxcellarm (believing that an alarm is ringing).

You may not even know that you are suffering from these ailments, but try to remember how many times you have checked if your phone is ringing.
[h=1]Loss of sleep[/h]Sleep loss is quite common among those whose lives revolve around their electronic devices, be it laptop, tablets, phones, gaming gadgets or even the TV. Those who use these devices before going to bed are mainly at risk since the exposure of the body to bright artificial light of the screens lowers melatonin release (a sleep-promoting hormone). Even worse, it promotes alertness in the body, which makes falling asleep difficult and can aggravate sleep disorders.
[h=1]Poor eyesight[/h]Another problem related to the bright, backlit screens of modern gadgets is poor eyesight. LCD screens strain the eyes less than the older CRT screens, but at high intensity cause much damage nevertheless. Most people tend to maintain high intensity in their screens to compensate for poor viewing angles or due to reflections on the glass.

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