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Nov 19, 2013
dear mam,
i am 26 yrs old and i have a 1 year 7month baby by cesarean. now i wolud like to have my second baby. i want to know is this a proper gap between the babies after cesarean? and is there any chance for normal delivery this time.? plzzzz reply...


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Deepika

Congrats for your baby.....

Generally, after the caesarean section, the recommended gap between the children should be minimum of 2 years. So, if you plan your pregnancy by now, you will have the gap of 2 1/2 years between your children.

But in general practice, the gap between two children, can be 4 years.

This is followed, because, of the following

1. Since your first child is very very young, he will surely need your assistance, in all aspects.

2. So, it may be difficult, for you to take care of your child, as before, if you have pregnancy related issues like vomitting and other discomforts.

3. If you plan your pregnancy when your first child is around 3 years, it will be apt, for your delivery, by the 4th year of the first child.

4. By this time, the first child will know how to handle himself atleast for some works like potty training , going to toilet by himself , eating by himself etc.So, if you have pregnancy discomforts, this will not affect the first child's care being taken.

4. By this time, the first child will start going to school, and you will have enough time to concentrate on the second child

5. You can ask the first child to take care of the new brother/sister, and surely he will, if he is around 4 years. If he is of lesser age, he would feel as if you have left behind him and takes care of the second one only.

6. And since you are only 26 now, you can plan your next pregnancy by your 28th age, and by the age of 29, you can deliver the second one.Usually , it is said, that , it will be easier for the delivery, within 30 years, by avoiding many health issues. so, by 29 , you can have the second one also.

7. Regarding the normal delivery, if your first one was an EMERGENCY CAESEREAN, then it is highly possible for the normal delivery of the second one.

But if the doctor had found any problem with your pelvic positions or any other issues , they may prefer caeserean only.

But there are many cases, of normal delivery for the second one, while the first one was by caeserean.

So, please do not worry about these issues.

You can plan your pregnancy, when your child is 3 years old.
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Jun 28, 2011
Dear Deepika,

Warm welcome to 'Penmai'.

The usual advice is that you should wait two years after one caesarean section before becoming pregnant again. The longer your scar has to heal, the better, especially if you want a vaginal birth next time. At the very least, you should give your body a rest of six months before trying to conceive again.

But the longer it's left, the stronger the heal will be. And a strong heal may cause fewer problems over time. This may particularly matter to you if you want to try for a vaginal birth.

is there any chance for normal delivery this time.?

Well... it depends upon your physical condition and the situation of delivery time.

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