gestational diabetes what to do?

Jun 23, 2014
i am in my 6th month and have gestational diabetes. what are all the things i have to consider for safe delivery. will my baby will be over weight?


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Oct 22, 2012
Congrats on your pregnancy Sharmis..........

Do not worry too much about Gestational diabetes and spoil your health .... You can easily manage it with guidance from your doc team .......

You will be sent to a dietician who will advice about healthy eating and also how to eat , and still maintain your blood sugar level .....

In every appointment which will become more frequent now the midwife / doc will measure you and if they suspect that the baby is too big they will confirm it with a scan if need be.... Main worry in gestational diabetes is a big baby .....

If only the baby has grown too big they will suggest induction of labour or a C-section ...

Now they may ask you to monitor your blood sugar daily thrice with a simple home test kit ...You will have to log it in ....... Every week they will check how well the blood sugar is maintained or any lack of control in spite of all your food restrictions ... First line is just diet control ... If it fails they will start you on insulin injections ..... again the dose and number of times is dependent on your sugar levels .....

Don't worry Sharmis ... With good care from your doctor the condition is easy to manage ...

Change your diet to a protein ,fibre based one like how a normal diebetic will have ...Check the glycemic index of food and also avoid food that causes to raise you blood sugar level sharply ....

Take Sundal , Fresh fruits rather than juices ... Eat whole foods like brown rice and also cereal based foods (millets) ....

Take care ..Best wishes and we will pray for your safe delivery .........

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