Get a gizmo in your bra


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Get a gizmo in your bra

Bras now have a new twist with gadgets incorporated in them. [SUP]We check out other interesting innerwear[/SUP]

[SUP]Innovation has no limits and it has led to quirky developments.[/SUP] And lingerie is no exception. Diamond-studded, under-wired and padded bras are passee, with designers tailoring solar-powered, glowin-the-dark and pocket bras. While these quirky products may excite laughter, there are many who are not amused by the development.

When Katie Holmes walked down the street in Tom Cruise's baggy denims, it became a fad. But will this new bra create waves in the fashion scene? "It will undoubtedly be uncomfortable to wear. Who actually wears these kind of bras apart from the models?" asks arts student Asha Nair.

Brand planner Ashwin Chandrasekharan offers a marketing perspective on these products. "Such products grab the customer's attention. Though the company decides how they want to sell it, at the end of the day, it's all a way to advertise the product," says Ashwin.

When asked about whether such products can be used, city-based designer Michelle Salins says, "This is just a passing phase as these aren't things you can call trends. You just buy it because you have a kinky streak. Such products come at a price and people who invest in them do it for fun. It is important for designers to keep reinventing their collections, but only performers or artistes can use such designs. For instance, singer-actor Madonna made a style statement when she wore the conical bra."

A designer edge apart, these gadgetinfused bras may even pose a health risk to wearers, according to certified aerobics instructor Wanitha Ashok. She explains, "All electronics come with a certain health hazard. Using such clothing once in a while is fine, but it's definitely not for daily use."

Take a peek at these five peculiar bras the pocket bra: Invented as a substitute to the handbag, this bra comes equipped with a compact pocket on the side. This pocket can fit anything from a smartphone to an ID card.

The LED bra: These bras come with LED lights stuck on them in different patterns and colours. They come with attached batteries, which can be removed conveniently. THE MP3 BRA: A built-in MP3 player is the main feature of this bra. It's fitted into the padding with a jack for earphones.

The TV bra: This was made so that men could stare at two things they love best: television and a woman's bosom.

The talking bra: A Japanese firm promoting tourism in Japan invented this bra. Resembling a tour guide's outfit, this bustier bra can talk in three three different languages - English, Chinese and Korean.

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