Get summer fit Exercise challenges you must try


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Jul 5, 2011
Get summer fit Exercise challenges you must try

If you are in a mood to put your athletic skills to good use, up the ante and try a few exciting exercises that will keep you fit and healthy throughout the year. Kolkata-based strength and fitness coach Arnav Sarkar, takes us through the top 5 fitness exercise challenges, which you must try!

Back bridge:
A great exercise for a healthy spine. Your goal is to be able to go from a standing position to the back bridge with the hands on the floor and be able to get back up again. When you begin, start by putting your hands behind on a wall and walk your hands downwards to the floor, and when you feel comfortable try to do them without the support of the wall.

Jumping chinup:
A great explosive upper body movement that will challenge your muscles greatly. Unlike the regular version this one involves an explosive action when you have to jump up to the bar, and thus also works your grip hard. Start by jumping up and grabbing onto the chin up bar, and do a chin up. Then drop down and repeat. Want to make them more challenging? Start the movement in a squat position, and then jump up to do the chin up.

Reverse burpee:
To do this version of reverse burpee, squat down and then throw your body forward to drop into a push up position. Then push back into the squat position and stand up. Do about 25-50 of these as fast as you can, and you will have a great release of growth hormones pumping through your body for sure.

Run 3 miles in 20 minutes: A good athletic goal to pursue. If you can run 3 miles/4.8 km in 20 minutes or less, you will surely be in good shape for most sports that require you to run.

High rep push ups:
A great test of upper body endurance would be to do high repetition push ups. For men 40 and for women 20 would be a good number to shoot for. But mind you, here we are not talking about those bouncy, no elbow bending crappy form push ups. We are talking about push ups done in good form where you control the movement and keep a straight line from head to toe. Just like high rep push ups, high reps squats is a great test for lower body endurance is to do high repetition bodyweight squats. A good number to aim for would be to do 300 reps in 10 minutes or less.

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