Get these 3 different looks for your D-Day


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Jul 5, 2011
Get these 3 different looks for your D-Day

Worried how to get a beautiful look without venturing too far away from the traditional? Well, the reception makeup, ideally, has to be something that is elegant yet has all the typical bridal glamour without being in-your-face (all puns intended). Keeping all this in mind we got renowned senior aesthetician Ritu Tanwar to put together three completely different looks for your special day.

Traditional magnificence:

This look was inspired by the Mughal era and lends a royal grace to our model. If you are the type who is all for the old-worldly charm then this is the look for you.

"I have used maroon and gold to achieve this look.
Maroon is the traditional bridal colour accepted in almost all communities. A base that is close to the natural colour of the skin has been used to conceal all the flaws on the face and neck and then cheeks have been done up. Eyes shadow in deep maroon has been used for contouring along with gold highlights.

are a deep shade of maroon with a hint of gold and a lot of lip gel to get that supple full look," elaborates aesthetician Ritu Tanwar.

I have done the traditional bun accessorised with gold and kundan jewellery. Aamrapali has been used on one side and dupatta on the other.

Antique jewellery, kundan, uncut diamonds, jadau would suit this look.

Contemporary radiance:
Pastel shades are hot this season when it comes to reception ensembles and a pink and blue pre-stitched sari was chosen for the bride to get this look. "I have used foundation on her skin and used loads of mascara to open up her eyes. Pink eye shadow along with blue has been used for contouring. Blue shimmer on the eyes gives a dramatic look which works very nicely at night during the reception party. For the lips I have given a shade of pink to go well with her outfit," says Ritu.

I have given her the wet look with a bouffant to match one of the latest trends.

Coloured stones can be used to match the outfits like coloured diamonds rubies, emeralds, crystals etc rather than white diamonds or crystals

Naive Simplicity:
Some brides go for the simple girl-next-door look with little makeup and very light jewellery. This look is about a lot of attitude and confidence and is the hardest to achieve. You really need to have very good skin for this. "I have used a base that is closest to our model's skin tone. Darker shades of pancake have been used to contour the face. Gold and ivory on the eyes and a thin line of eye liner has been applied on the upper eyelids. Very little colour has been used on the cheeks to lend a natural radiance to her face. Lips have been defined well and then a neutral colour with loads of gloss and shimmer has been used.

Nelima's hair has been pulled back and then rolled into a basic small bun. A small maang tikka lends her the bridal look. You can also just iron or lightly curl your hair and leave it open at the reception party.

A simple set of costume jewellery works best with this look. Faux flowers that match the outfit may also be used.

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