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Aug 13, 2011
Hair loss is a problem that is common not only in men, but also in women. Watching your hair thinning everyday is really frustrating as most people consider their hair as an asset that enhances their overall appearance. The causes of hair loss or hair thinning cannot be attributed to just one factor, rather there are several factors that can cause this problem. One of the most common reason that leads to loss of hair in people is heredity. People whose parents or grandparents have thin hair or suffer from frequent hair loss, are most likely to have the same pattern. Even exposing the hair to pollution, chemicals, etc., can make the hair thin. Eating an unhealthy diet and living a stressful life also contributes to the problem of hair loss. People try different types of treatment processes that help in making the hair grow thicker, however, these treatment measures can be quite expensive and the results also vary from person to person. Hence, it is better to find ways that will help in getting thicker hair naturally. Read more on thinning hair in women.

Massaging your head and scalp regularly with coconut oil is one of the best methods to get thicker hair naturally. Heat the coconut oil a little and apply it on the scalp and hair by moving your fingers in circular motions. Apart from coconut oil, you can also use other types of oil that suits you like olive oil, jojoba oil, virgin oil, etc. Once you have applied the oil, wet a towel in hot water, squeeze off the excess water and wrap it around your hair. Following this procedure at least one day in a week helps in making the scalp stronger, thus leading to thick and shiny hair. Read more on grow hair faster tips.

Healthy Diet
Just like our body needs good food to stay healthy, even our hair needs a good supply of vitamins and minerals to grow longer as well as thicker. Hence, it is important to indulge in a diet that is healthy as well as balanced. Your daily diet should include foods like fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, eggs, etc. Along with your diet, it is also recommended to take a daily dosage of multivitamin tablets to get thicker hair. Also, do not forget to drink lots of water, it definitely helps in hair growth. Read more on vitamins for hair loss.


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Jun 28, 2011


For thicker and healthier hair, steep 1/2 cup rosemary leaves in 1 cup water. Add the infusion to 1/2 bottle of your favorite shampoo and wash once a day. Rosemary promotes thicker, healthier hair by unclogging pores and hair follicles, and also adds great shine. Rosemary tea, drank once per day, promotes better circulation and also aids in better hair growth.

To prevent frizziness, apply a frizz aid product and let hair air dry.

To make your hair really shine, rinse it in cold water for a couple minutes

For blondes, to make hair lighter, apply lemon or lemon juice

Take an egg yolk and lather into wet hair. Leave in for a few minutes and it helps condition and adds protein, which helps against breakage and hair loss.



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Jun 8, 2013
Inspite of taking good care of the hair fall my hair would have been not that thick as i wanted . I had heard a lot about the hair extensions and also wanted to try them from a long time.
so finally to get the long thick hair loks I tried the

and walaah the hair was looking so beautiful and long and thick as I wanted. I am so happy after getting the hair extensions.
I think all the girls should try these to get those beautiful long hair .....
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