Get your jeans to fit you right


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Get your jeans to fit you right

A pair of well-fitting jeans is as elusive as the perfect red lipstick. Jeans that do not fit well are an eyesore. Everyone struggles to find that perfect pair.

This task becomes doubly hard if you possess a pear-shaped body (god knows where Kim Kardashian gets hers). Finding a jeans that fits perfectly is next to impossible for women who are bottom heavy. More often than not you are going to find that the jeans according to your waist size won't move an inch above your thighs and thus you have to settle for something that bags on your waist crushing your dreams to wear a jeans with a snug fit. But help's here sweeties. A nip and a tuck will solve your problem.

1. Turn your jeans inside out and wear them and fasten the button.

2. See the bags on the waistband of your jeans? Pinch the waistband from both, the right and the left sides. You should have an equal amount of fabric on both sides and do not pinch too hard. Yopu don't want your jeans to cut through your waist? You should only take so much fabric that the waistband is neither too tight nor loose but fits your waist snugly.

3. Secure each pinch of denim with a safety pin so that your measurement is not lost when you are taking off the jeans.

4. Now adjust the pins to make a pleat on the back of the waistband. You don't want tucks in the front portion of your jeans. Make sure that you have an equal amount of fabric on each side and the pleats should be equidistant from the centre.

5. Use a sewing machine and stitch each pleat starting from the waistband and tapering off before the back pockets. Make sure it's a neat straight stitch. Get an expert to do it if you have zilch stitching skills.

6. Press down the pleat and iron it on a high setting.

Ta-da you're now the proud owner of an awesome pair of denims.

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