Get your mom to look fashionable


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Jul 5, 2011
Get your mom to look fashionable

Gone are the days when moms tried to squeeze into their teenage daughter's tees to look chic. From smartly dropping kids to school, flooring everyone with their sartorial acumen at work and being hot head turners at night clubs, mothers today can beat their hip kids to fashion trends.

And with such a strong style sense, undoubtedly, mothers just don't dress in salwar-kameez but are fast emerging as new fashionable icons. Here's how...

Maternal Instinct
Women love to shop and it shouldn't be any different for mothers. Designer Payal Jain feels that by the time a woman becomes a mother she would have experimented with a lot of looks and understood her body type. "For any woman, her early 30s and 40s is 'the' perfect time to zero in on what looks good on them," suggests Jain. She feels women who keep their body type in mind while shopping can be termed divas.

"If you're heavy at the hips and thighs, always opt for lowers in dark shades. Pair them with tees or tops that are below the hip. But if your shoulder and arms are slimmer, then pick up sleeveless flowy dresses to accentuate them. Women heavy at the bust or waist should avoid too many prints or detailing around that area; pear-shaped ladies should always sport vertical stripes," are Jain's trendy tips for moms.

Graceful Mom
For mothers who are on the wrong side of forty, designer Joy Mitra suggests that they should "look graceful and elegant." He wants moms to be fashionable and with the times. "Motherhood doesn't mean compromising on colours, embellishments, accessories and style. They just need to make sure they aren't over the top. Sharmila Tagore and Hema Malini have grown up daughters yet the two ladies manage to look so beautiful with their brilliant dressing sense. They wear the brightest and boldest of shades, yet look so pretty all the time," says Mitra.

Moms, hope you are listening?

Chic Mom
Riddhima Kapoor Sahni shows how young mothers carry LBDs, hot metallic bags and watches with elan.

Power Packed
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, a mother of two best exemplifies the term 'power dressing' and manages to turn heads.

Subtle Style
Flowy dresses fitted at the bust and waist isn't just the domain of PYTs. Model Noyonika exemplifies what ageing with grace means.

Hue high
Graceful doesn't just mean greys. Sharmila Tagore looks colourful and charming despite her age.

Sexy Moms
Madhuri Dixit and Malaika Arora Khan are exemplary working moms who have never let motherhood or age affect their flair.

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