Glam up your lips the gothic way


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Glam up your lips the gothic way

While red lips dominated catwalks in the past, the trend that stood out in Spring is goth lips. After playing up a sense of mystery and sensuality on pret and nail colour, a brooding pout in a dark wine hue or teetering on the dark purple side has jumped into day and night chic. Runways internationally showed off vampy lips, so did celebrities at this year's biggest events so far — the MET Gala 2012 and the Billboard Music Awards 2012. Why are A-listers everywhere bringing out their darkest lipsticks, intead of favourites like pinks, browns and corals?

Says make up artist Mallika Bhat, "It's important to understand that the beauty of gothic make up is that it's not about beauty, it's about making a statement, and that too a very strong one. It's for those women who have experienced and enjoyed the brightness of bold lip colours and are ready to move on... those who are in no mood to be apologetic about their dark side. They love living on the edge just by the way they flaunt their lip colour, whether you want to flaunt a dark red or a deep purple, your lips will make sure you get noticed."

Bhat tells you how to wear the look right on lips:


Step 1: Start with a clean moisturiser and make sure you apply some under eye cream, especially if they are prone to dryness. Apply a matte foundation to your face; it should be half a shade lighter than your face colour. Goth lips favour a smooth, polished appearance. Use concealer to hide any pimples, blemishes and marks. Make sure the end result is a flawless, matte finish, unlike the popular dewy finished skin.


Step 2: The look is dark, harsh or structured smartly to look beautiful. The rule is to groom the eyebrows and fill in the gaps or scars; eyebrows should look strong! The eyes have no hard or fast rule, you could take black shadow and use it to get strong, smoky eyes or line the top and lower eyelids with a thick liner. The lashes can be pumped with several layers of mascara to give a heavy layered look. Make sure you balance them with your goth lips.


Step 3: Stay clear of any pinks, peaches or corals. Use a darker brown to sculpt the cheekbones and jaw line. Suck your cheeks in and enhance the natural contours of your cheeks in a darker tone to help get that sculpted look. Remember the cheeks need to be free of any colour, you need no pinks and corals to help you blush. Darker contouring to enhance the cheekbones is a must! It can add that extra element of strength to your face.


Step 4: For the lips, start with using your favourite goth colour lipliner (deep red, brown, purple or wine red works great). Apply the lip liner to your lips and then fill in with the same pencil all over the lips. Now, take a liberal amount of lipstick on a lip brush and apply on the lips. The layer of lip pencil under the lipstick stain will help you get the right amount of depth and strength to your g

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