GM Diet Indian Version!!


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One of the most popular and commonly followed diet plans of many weight loss followers is GM diet or General Motors Diet. THis Diet System is very very Helpful for those Enthusiasts without Encountering Major alterations in their Regular Food Intake.

Our Version ie Indian Version of GM diet is very very Close to the Original Except the Intake of Beef in Day 5 & Day 6.
For Veg, Cottage Cheese acts as a Substitute to Beef.
And for Non Vegetarians, Fish can be great.



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General Motors - Weight Loss Diet Plan : Indian Version

Day 1 - Fruits
Take all Fruits, Except bananas. 10-12 glasses of water should be Drunk throughout the day.

Day 2 - Vegetables.
All Kinda veggies may be eaten during the second day.

Have Potatoes during breakfast. It boosts energy levels.
Boiled vegetables & GM diet wonder soup may be consumed during lunch and dinner.

Day 3 - Mixture of fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and Veggies with 10-12 glasses of water can be taken on Day 3. Except - Bananas..

Day 4 - Banana and milk.
Skimmed milk & banana with GM wonder soup or any vegetable soup Should be taken on this day. You may also take yogurt instead of milk.

Day 5 - Brown rice, curd and tomatoes.
Soybean curd or A cup of brown rice or a Cup of Cottage Cheese may be taken as a substitute for beef.
Have Tomatoes along with cucumbers.

Day 6 - Brown/White rice and vegetables.
Brown/white rice with veggies, but Say No to potatoes.
It is best to have cottage cheese and soybean curd in vegetable bowls.

Day 7 - Brown/White rice, vegetables and fruits.
Two cups of brown/white rice Should be consumed together with vegetables and fruits.
Fruit juice can also be taken along with 8-10 glasses of water.

Detailed Day 1-7 Plan Will be Updated Soon :) TC!!


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General Motors - Weight Loss Diet Plan : Indian Version

Day 1 - 7 Detailed Portions.. Click out the Links Given below!

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GM diet Indian version does wonders.. if u want perfect results watch ur food habits for 15 days minimum post your GM diet and walking for 15 minutes minimum..
u will be very much tempted to hog food after a week. loss in weight can be observed from day 5 but accurate loss can be realized only on 11 th or 12 th day if and only if u watch out ur food habits post the diet routine.