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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Paridhi,

GM diet was quite popular and was in vogue a few years back. GM is short form of General Motors Diet. It was designed to keep the body fit and healthy but gradually several side effects of this diet were observed. This diet is now not recommended for weight loss due to its many side effects. Read more about it.

GM diet gets its name from General Motors diet. It was developed to promote and sustain the health and diet of the employees of General Motors. This diet plan became popular and owes its authenticity to the grant of the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration in 1985.

This diet plan promises fitness and weight loss but like every other diet plan, this one too works on certain limitations. While following the proper structure, the individual is advised to stay under medical monitoring and consult his physician on a regular basis. If your body suffers from any sort of ailment, or you are a child or a pregnant lady, you are advised to refrain from following this diet regimen.
A doctor or a nutritionist is the best person to advise you on this applicability of this diet would actually work for you. As you do a bit of research or consult people who have been on this you might discover certain disadvantages of this diet. People are observed to suffer from hair loss problems like persistent or sudden coupled with headache and dry skin for the first few days after embarking on this diet plan. This is the exact reason why it is strongly recommended to drink lot of water of so that your body does not experience dehydration at any given moment.

Common Side-Effects of GM Diet

Talking of side effects, here are some common ones that people undertaking GM diet often suffer from:

Fruit Diet Becomes Monotonous

Say if you are not particularly fond of apples, on day one itself, you might be pissed off. Then on the second day you feel that just a bite of apple is all that you can bear. And on the third day you end up feeling that vegetables and fruits taste all the same! You begin to apprehend your diet plan nothing less than a self-imposed torture. And the moment you are feeling this, you have lost all motivation for the diet plan.

Water Intake Requires to Be Noted

You need to maintain a tally-bar on the amount of water you are having throughout the day. Counting the bottles is important for the diet plan. Like it or not, you begin to think of yourself as a camel!

Frequently Visits to Restroom

This problem is followed by the countless visits you are forced to make to the restroom. As you strive to maintain the required number of bottles for the day, there is simply little that you can do to reduce the irritating rest room trips.

Lot of Patience and Tolerance is Required

Your colleagues’ colorful and appetizing lunch can only be an object of your envy, when you are bereft of options other than the bland curd rice with a pinch of pickle. You ‘suffer’ the entire day and then decide to binge on a couple of chocolate ice-creams or a pizza. You have basically undone the entire purpose of the diet!
It is the same journey towards the lack of motivation when you look at yourself in the mirror and feel that “I am not that unfit, so to hell with this torturous diet!” It is just the same when you curse every time you see your spouse’s plate or a commercial on TV. Sprinkling a generous amount of Chat Masala on fruits and pretending to believe that what you have consumed is perfectly healthy.


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Dec 6, 2012
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One simple logic, you have not put on all your weight in 1 week or 10 days so how do you expect to loose all your excess fat in a week. Definitely there is weight loss but its not permanent, you will get back atleast half of the lost weight within a month.

Skipping days and cheating on the food intake may result not only to the ineffectiveness of the diet, but as well as getting extra, unwanted pounds.
By that a low calorie diet, you suffer metabolic slowdown making it harder to maintain your weight in the futureIn general, reviews of the General Motors diet has certainly worked for some people, but it’s not a life plan. It is just as a quick hit type of program to help you shed some pounds fast. The action of the diet is its simplicity, however, there is no doubt that the GM Diet is not perfect, as they see advantages and disadvantages.

Loosing the weight slowly by taking food with all the necessary nutrients with a little exercise and keeping oneself active is the best way to loose weight and to maintain it for life time.

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