Grape Fruit Is Very Good For Gums


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
A new study published in the british dental journal has claimed that just 2 grape fruits a day pushes up the vitamin c levels in the blood and stops the bleeding in the gums.

Acoording to the researchres at the Friedrich -Schiller University Germany,the antioxidant effect of vitamin c appears to increase healing in the gums.

The researchers look at the grapefruit's effect in 58 people both non smokers and smokersand found that all those eating grape fruit each a day for a fortnight after a main meal had higher levels of vitamin c in the blood after the end of the two week study.

In non smokers the vitamin c levels rose by 50 % and alomost doubled in the smokers and the levels remained unchanged in the volunteers who did not eat grape fruit.There was also significant decrease in the blleding of gums in the persons who ate grape fruit.Because vitamin c promotes the healing of the wounds and boasts the antioxidant properties it contributes to the therapy and prevention of the gum disease.

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