Green Tea for Weight Loss


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May 24, 2010
Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea isn’t just a ‘feel-good’ tea; it is also a tea that can help you look good too. In fact, many studies have indicated that green tea aids weight loss by preventing the growth of fat cells, specifically in the problematic abdominal area.

Because another green tea benefit is increased energy, one simple way you’ll lose weight by drinking more green tea is because you’ll have more energy to complete your daily workout regimen. This energy will allow you to be more productive and alert, which means more capable of making smart decisions that affect your weight loss.

In fact many of the health benefits associated with green tea like a reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure are a result of weight loss. The most significant weight loss benefit of green tea is the overall improvement in health, which makes losing weight much easier. A body that is functioning properly will adapt better to the healthier lifestyle required for successful weight loss.

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