Grow taller with these simple exercises


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Grow taller with these simple exercises

Children lead busy lives with school, tuitions, extra classes, television and games on mobile.

"Kids do not get enough time to go out and exercise. They need simple exercises that help them develop better."

Here are a few exercises:

Hopping with one leg:
This is one of the simplest exercises ever and can be done anywhere - while watching TV at home, while playing in the park, even in school during recess! Just hop on your left leg eight times with your hands up pointing towards the sky and then hop the same way on your right leg.

This bouncing activity is great for brain development. It also strengthens the legs and generates growth hormones.

Cat stretch:
This is the Indian dandwat. Put your palm and toes on the floor and become a mountain shape. Then, slowly glide down getting the chest towards the ground and become serpentine, thereby getting into bhujangasan. Your spine at this position is arched; bum is low, shoulders high and elbows straight, pelvic bone touches the floor. Then simply reverse the position and glide out.
Now, push yourself out and become a mountain again.

This activity helps to open up your spine, strengthen your shoulder, palms, chest, back, and puts a stress on the stomach and stretches hamstrings. It is good for circulation.

Hang on:
This exercise involves hanging from a rod and stretching your body completely.
You should keep your toes pointed to the ground, stomach and buttocks should be sucked in tight and chin should be up.

This exercise increases height. It also strengthens your hands arms and shoulders and leads to a strong stomach.

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