Hair care for men


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Apr 22, 2010
* Trim hair every 4 weeks.
* Use professional hair color.
* Apply semi-permanent hair color, it will also give you a fuller look.
* Don’t fight baldness with a comb over, stick with a short hair cut.
* Change hair styles if you have had one for quite some time.
* Never let your hair go dry.
* Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.
* Never use cheap styling products. Find good quality gel, pomade and mousse products.

A Good Hair Care Routine for Men
Whatever style you maintain, you need follow a hair care routine. The latest and trendiest hair styles will look great only if your hair is healthy. Consider the following hair routine for a healthy and stylish hair.

* Wash: The foundation for your hair style is clean and healthy hair. Reduce the build up from the scalp. Follow a regular schedule for washing your hair.

* Tone: Massage your scalp. If you are not massaging, you are probably missing out on care for your scalp. Massaging/toning your scalp feels great and releases natural oils from sebaceous glands. While massaging take care of hair tangles.

* Condition: Conditioner is essential for your dry hair. A natural moisturizer is a must for your hair.

* Hair Care Accessory: Use the best hair care accessory products. Use the right tools – brush with natural bristles, wide toothed comb and hair dryer.
Jul 27, 2011
Hair care for men and women need a routine, you can once in a blue moon to take care of your hair will not produce any results. Hair care for several specific steps you need to fully, will eventually lead to healthy and strong mane the path diagram. Human hair gathered steam in recent years, the men don't want to make himself crowned as something presentable in every possible way to stay.

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