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Jul 26, 2012
Dear ANURAJESH, I strongly recommend not to go for your own medication for hair growth. Hair growth depends upon so many factors. Hair growth is a symptom for so many chronic problem present inside the body. It should not looked as the disease. The homeopathic Doctor will study all the symptoms and give a wholesome solution. hence consult a Homeopathic doctor or Ayurvedic Doctor for your problem thereby the inner causes for the poor hair growth also will be solved simultaneously hair growth also will increase. thanks and all the best


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Jan 21, 2012
Yes anu,

As sumithra said don't use any tablets for hair growth..It will cause some side effects like irregular periods,pain,etc.,
Yes u can try ayurvedhic solutions for this problem..

Ayurvedic treatment for hair growth is preferred because it promises holistic solutions. Unlike artificial cosmetic applications which attempt to deal with the problem superficially, ayurvedic remedies for hair growth attempt to address problems pertaining to a specific body type. They consider hair strands to be an extension of the bone structure since bones and hair strands are made from the same types of tissues. Ayurvedic treatment for hair gain can be divided into three sections, massage, dietary norms and the usage of specialised herbs for addressing the problem.

[h=2]Massage as a form of Treatment[/h]
Massaging your scalp well is essential for improved circulation and healthy growth of hair. Following these essential steps will prevent hair fall and stimulate growth:

  • You can use coconut oil or almond oil to massage your scalp and the soles of your feet, just prior to bedtime. This will improve blood circulation immensely.
  • You could also massage your hair on a regular basis with a nourishing hair oil which is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to impart strength to fragile hair strands Get some lemon leaves. Boil them in water. Cool the water and use it to massage into your scalp and rinse it well.
When adopted religiously, these effective massages can show quick results.

[h=2]Dietary Norms and Restrictions[/h]
You diet is a very important part of ayurvedic treatment for hair growth. What you eat will have a sustainable impact on the health of your hair. The following dietary norms could prove to be effective remedies for hair growth, when followed on a regular basis.

  • Begin your day by munching on a palm full of sesame seeds. They are considered rich in calcium and magnesium content. Both these minerals are extremely vital for hair growth.
  • Increase the intake of milk, milk products, sprouts, leafy greens, salads and fruits in your daily diet. You should also consider soya beans, wheat germ, whole grains and nuts as important items in your daily meal.
  • Consume vitamins in moderation.
  • Refrain from fried and spicy foods.
  • Restrict smoking and drinking if you are addictive to them.
  • Consume food items which are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, zinc, sulfur, and omega 3 fatty acids.

[h=2]The Usage of Herbs[/h]
Herbs are used as replacements for medicines in ayurvedic treatment for hair growth. Some of the most essential herb based treatments which promote hair growth would include:

  • The usage of apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair.
  • Sage tea is also considered excellent for re-growth of hair.
  • Licorice extracts are known to be beneficial in managing hair loss.
  • Horsetail is a prime source of silica. Hence it is considered best for restoring hair growth. It also leaves the strands shiny and lustrous.
  • Tea made from marshmallow and burdock is known to be excellent for nourishing dry hair and preventing them from falling off due to excessive loss of moisture.
  • Rosemary, nettle and birch are also considered essential herbs which stimulate hair growth.
Always remember, options of ayurvedic treatment for hair gain are without side effects. Hence, they should always be preferred over chemical based remedies.

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